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  • Maxeler Technologies Licenses Healthcare Technologies


    Maxeler Technologies (London, UK), a leader in optimization of computational data movement, is collaborating with Professor Ophir Frieder at Georgetown University (Washington DC, USA) to commercialize Georgetown AI research aimed at reducing patient adverse effects related to errors in drug prescriptions, on Maxeler’s M-Space Software Delivery Platform. The novel AI prescription prediction technology licensed from Georgetown University could be utilized in hospitals, pharmacies, or in medical emergencies in the field. Using the licensed technology, Maxeler will work with Georgetown researchers to productize scalable, patient-specific prescription selectors, thereby reducing the risk of prescription errors and improving patient care.

    (Filed: Thu Jan 23 2020)
  • Where are All the EB-5 Real Estate Juggernauts? CMB Regional Centers


    What has the EB-5 industry done in the time since the implementation of the new EB-5 regulations? The answer appears to be not much. One group introduced a lawsuit attempting to force the government to stop implementing the new rules. The lawsuit appears to have one objective and that is keeping the status quo. The juggernauts only know how to operate by abusing the rules of the EB-5 program and fraudulently call affluent areas like lower Manhattan “high unemployment”.

    (Filed: Wed Jan 22 2020)