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  • LATTICE80 launches AI powered 'FintechDB' for global fintech ecosystem
    The 'FintechDB', presently in the alpha version, is active and continuously porting raw data on over 11,000 startups in the fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrency space. It will be part of the LATTICE80 KAYA Network, ICO private sales for which are currently in progress.
    (Filed: Wed Mar 28 2018)
  • ScreenBroidery Hires Marketing Manager
    ScreenBroidery, a leading promotional product distributor and eCommerce platform provider, hired a Marketing Manager to expand its online presence and add capabilities to the company's array of services. Michael Joson was chosen to fill the role and is actively participating in marketing strategy.
    (Filed: Mon Mar 12 2018)
  • Penrose Marketing launches Social Media awareness program
    These new program will help to understand how to fully customize the client’s requirements, putting all the customers’ information together in a particular platform and incorporate marketing, generating leads, customer services, and different types of business analytics and providing an approach to thousands of applications.
    (Filed: Sun Mar 11 2018)
  • Art Of Santiago Ribeiro In Times Square New York
    On the way of the multimedia exhibition of Santiago Ribeiro in Times Square, New York, was announced the past exhibition "Osmosis-Kiraméki Transfigured!" in the center of Paris and will be promoted the exhibition Surrèalisme Now in Coimbra in Portugal.
    (Filed: Fri Feb 16 2018)
  • Lead to Account Matching for Lead Routing
    Vyakar’s Lead Match demo is out for a trial. Users have the opportunity to see what the software can do for their lead routing strategy. Visit the Lead to Account Match Demo page to try it out.
    (Filed: Tue Feb 13 2018)
  • Deal with leaks happily, preformed pond liner repair
    Easily available preformed pond liner repair on your one click has got many attractions for pond lovers. Cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and extraordinary resistance are some of them. It is to help ensure long-term success.
    Company: Pondpro2000
    (Filed: Wed Jan 31 2018)
  • How to get Best Online Movie Rental
    Are you looking forward to accessing movie rental software anytime soon? If yes, then make sure that you are going through this post quite frankly because of the fact that we offer you substantial information about movie rental software. Do you know that you can actually go on to access movie rental software free? Yes, you can!
    Company: Commodity Rentals
    (Filed: Tue Jan 09 2018)
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