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  • Plastic Tray Market Assessment Covering Growth Factors and Upcoming Trends till 2027 End

    The report offers a detailed profile of all the leading market players in the plastic tray market. Dashboard view on the key players is provided along with the SWOT analysis. Information on new developments, key strategies, market share and product portfolio of each of the key player is offered in the plastic tray market report.

    (Filed: Mon Jun 24 2019)
  • Specialty Papers Market Outlook and Growth Stance Forecasted Through 2027

    The important factors resulting in the growth of the specialty papers market along with factors hampering its growth is also provided in the report. The report also focuses on historical data, forecast, and current scenario along with market drivers in the specialty papers market.

    (Filed: Mon Jun 24 2019)
  • Wetsuit Market in-Depth Analysis with Booming Trends Supporting Growth and Forecast till 2028

    A new research report by Fact.MR reveals the growth path and projections of global wetsuit market along with key analysis on various growth determinants influencing wetsuit adoption. That said, the report foretells that the global wetsuit market is projected to expand at a steady rate with respect to volume throughout the period of assessment, 2018-2028.

    (Filed: Mon Jun 24 2019)
  • Color Cosmetics Market Set to Exhibit Momentous Revenue Share at US$ 80 Billion by 2022

    The study zeroes in on the prospects of various segments of the color cosmetics market and assesses various trends that influence their demand in key regions as well as the overall global demand. The study offers granular analysis of various product types in the color cosmetics market such as lip care products, nail products, facial make-up, hair color, and eye make-up products.

    (Filed: Fri Jun 21 2019)
  • Deodorants Market - Estimated to Reach a Value US$ 30,000 Million by 2026

    The report assesses the prospects of various products such as stick deodorants, spray deodorants, and roll-on deodorants. Furthermore, the scope of various channels in the overall deodorant market is analyzed. Some of the broad distribution channels are supermarkets, online stores, hypermarkets, and specialized cosmetic stores.

    (Filed: Fri Jun 21 2019)
  • Fragrances Market - Size is estimated to reach value US$ 70,000 Million by 2026

    The study drills into the regional and global dynamics of fragrances by breaking the entire study into key segments that witness distinct consumer patterns. The report presents in-depth insights into the dynamics of various product types such as cosmetics and toiletries, fine fragrances, soap and detergents, household products, and a category comprising various other products.

    (Filed: Fri Jun 21 2019)
  • Mass Beauty & Personal Care Products Market is expected to register Significant CAGR of 7.4%

    The report sheds light on critical aspects of the global Mass Beauty & Personal Care Products Market, which include the competitive landscape, market segmentation, and geographical analysis. Each section of the report brings to light some or the other vital factor that could increase the growth of the global mass beauty and personal care products market during the forecast period 2017-2022.

    (Filed: Fri Jun 21 2019)
  • Plastic Furniture Market - Industry Analysis (2013-2017) & Opportunity Assessment (2018-2028)

    The global market for plastic furniture is expected to witness 5.3% y-o-y over 2018, crossing US$ 24 billion by the end of 2019, unveils a recent Fact.MR study. Increasing demand for low-cost, lightweight, and durable plastic furniture in various end-use sectors is driving end-users to adopt plastic furniture instead of traditional, wooden or metal furniture.

    (Filed: Fri Jun 21 2019)
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