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  • Proxibid Enjoys Unprecedented Success with Farm Equipment Auctions


    Proxibid, a premier provider of live auction broadcasting services, has experienced unprecedented success in its Farm Equipment market segment. The Company has broadcast more than 20 Farm Equipment auctions since February, and has several more scheduled in the coming months.

    Company: Proxibid
    (Filed: Tue Mar 27 2007)
  • The demand for caustic soda and chlorine is forecast to rise


    According to Merchant Research & Consulting Ltd., the global demand for caustic soda grows by an average of 3% a year, for chlorine – by an average of 2.2% a year.

    Company: TD The Market Publishers LTD.
    (Filed: Mon Mar 26 2007)
  • The Federation of Farmers, Ranchers & Growers Seeks New Members


    The Federation of Farmers, Ranchers & Growers is seeking members to join, support and assist in the growth of the organization. Established in 2006, The Federation of Farmers, Ranchers & Grower’s (FFRG) primary mission is to provide solutions in order to achieve better safety, economic stability & opportunity to Farmers, Ranchers and Growers located across the United States.

    Company: farmsafe.org
    (Filed: Tue Feb 27 2007)
  • Food for Everyone Non-Profit launches digital products


    The Non-Profit Food For Everyone Foundation (FFEF) www.foodforeveryone.org, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is pleased to announce the first ever availability of their new Vegetable Gardening Training videos as digital downloads, right on the internet.

    (Filed: Tue Feb 20 2007)
  • Daddyberry Strawberries Whop Across Europe


    Bryan Machado Lda., supplier of premium DaddyBerry strawberries in southern Portugal for over 24 years, announces they are opening their doors for export across Europe.

    Company: DaddyBerry - Bryan Machado Lta.
    (Filed: Wed Feb 14 2007)
  • Paradise Found For Man Looking For Soulmate


    For men (who must love dogs) and are keen to find their soulmate Derek Collinson, founder of the leading dating site for people who love dogs thinks he has the answer to all their prayers. And he has good reason for saying so. ‘Women who love dogs are passionate, open, sensitive, kind , affectionate and fun to be with - you could say they’re a breed apart from their (less enthusiastic about canines) counterparts!

    Company: Doglover.biz
    (Filed: Fri Nov 17 2006)
  • Earth & Garden Launches EcoGrow, The 100% Organic and Environmentally Friendly Soil Substitute


    EcoGrow is being viewed as the ultimate 100% organic and environmentally friendly soil substitute available on the global market today. It is derived by mixing to a formula, the major by-products of palm oil milling which include the palm oil fruit bunch and mill mud together with other organic ingredients and it can be used for agricultural, horticultural and floricultural applications.

    Company: Earth & Garden Sdn Bhd
    (Filed: Wed Oct 25 2006)
  • Earth & Garden – The Environmentally Friendly Company:


    Earth and garden are poised to become a world leader in the manufacture, marketing and sale of 100% organic and environmentally friendly agricultural, horticultural and floricultural products

    Company: Earth & Garden Sdn Bhd
    (Filed: Tue Oct 24 2006)
  • AQUATECH AMSTERDAM welcomes French water experts


    As part of the 21st Aquatech Amsterdam trade show, the French national pavilion organised by UBIFRANCE (the French Agency for International Business Development) will showcase the best of French water technology. Aquatech Amsterdam, the world's leading trade fair specialised in the water sector, will be held from 26 to 29 of September 2006. This two-yearly event brings together over 100 nationalities, exhibitors and visitors combined.

    Company: FTPB
    (Filed: Wed Aug 02 2006)
  • Serac launches RABS for optimal aseptic filling


    Serac of France, a manufacturer of filling and capping machines, has just launched a new RABS (Restricted Access Barrier System) isolator to optimise the aseptic packaging of milk and drinks in and around sterile areas. Serac will be present at the Emballage trade show in Paris from 21 to 24 November 2006.

    Company: FTPB
    (Filed: Wed Jul 26 2006)
  • AEA Issues Invitation to Emu Farmers


    This year’s convention host, the Wisconsin Emu association, has organized an informative and educational event.

    Company: GroupWeb EmailWire.Com
    (Filed: Wed Jun 14 2006)
  • Sommet de l’Elevage 2006 celebrates 15 years of beef breeding


    Sommet de l’Elevage 2006, Europe’s leading beef-production trade show, will be held from 5 to 7 October 2006 in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Some 850 exhibitors and more than 70,000 visitors are expected to attend the 15th annual event. Jacques Chirac, the French President, will be officially opening the show.

    Company: FTPB
    (Filed: Fri May 19 2006)
  • Think Green in April


    The Greener Grass Company, a member of the Lawn Care Association of Pennsylvania, celebrates National Lawn Care Month, as well as Lawn Care Month in Pennsylvania, in April by reminding consumers about the environmental benefits of a healthy lawn.

    Company: The Greener Grass Company
    (Filed: Sat Apr 29 2006)
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