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  • American Wordsmiths Goes Digital With Apple  
    It reveals that the new writing service, American Wordsmiths can be downloaded free of charge as an app which can be obtained through apple itunes
    (Filed: Sun Feb 18 2018)
  • Liquid pond liner coatings-superb protection of your pond
    Liquid pond liner coatings provide your liner strong repair that does not leave working in any climatic or seasonal situation. Nothing can make it’s effectively less for your pond that is the reason for its reliability in all over the world.
    Company: Pondpro2000
    (Filed: Wed Jan 17 2018)
  • Global Premium Lifestyle Completes 20 Years of Excellence This November
    The most coveted premium lifestyle gadget brand in Delhi Global Gadgets completed 20 years of operations yesterday. The store, which extends both offline and online services has been instrumental in introducing lifestyle gadgets from around the world in India for the past two decades.
    Company: Global Gadgets Premium Pvt Ltd
    (Filed: Thu Nov 16 2017)
  • The Golden Knot Tie - Singular, Sophisticated, Stylish. An Exclusive Thanksgiving Day Gift.
    It is well known fact that there are hidden treasures everywhere in the world and we have just discovered such a treasure, a wild silk in the North eastern part of India, which is not yet known to the outside world. The wild silk is known as ‘Muga’ and is golden yellow in color and is always used in its natural form without dyeing. This is the most expensive silk in the world and is handwoven using some of the primitive looms. M/s. Prokxna, a start-up firm located in Bengaluru has taken up the cause of the tribals, who manufacture Muga silks from the forests. Golden Knot Tie, which is a Muga silk Tie, will be showcased to the outside world and thereby help the indigenous people, who are gently integrated with the mother nature!
    Company: Prokxna
    (Filed: Mon Oct 23 2017)
  • Anniversary Days 2017 - Italian Food Joy
    Two weeks to buy excellent foods in special offer thanks to the new Bonus Codes valid in many EU Countries.
    Company: Italian Food Joy
    (Filed: Mon Oct 02 2017)
  • Focus on FLAWLESS
    Launch of Environ's new Focus Care™ Range
    Company: Conversation Lab
    (Filed: Wed Sep 27 2017)
  • OXYCHARGE India's First Pure Oxygen Energy Booster
    Oxy Charge is an innovative everyday essential for urban citizens. Launching first time in India, “95% Pure Hyperbaric Oxygen” in an ultralight can, gives you free access to Pure Oxygen Energy anytime and anywhere!!
    Company: Oxycan Solutions Private Limited
    (Filed: Mon Sep 25 2017)
  • Jewels Queen - Diamond Jewelry store online in US
    Queens is one the best & most popular brand as a Diamond Jewelry store online in US. Jewels Queen offers you the best of diamond jewellery at lowest of prices. We deal & sell full range of diamond jewelery for occasions like office wear to engagement & wedding rings. Our exhaustive jewellery category will find rings to necklace sets, pins to Broaches, Tiaras to Crowns, Earrings to bracelets and much more.
    Company: Queen Jewels Inc
    (Filed: Thu Aug 31 2017)
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