UKIP Woking slam disgraceful flag decision

UKIP Woking today rallied behind the towns local firefighters, who have been ordered by senior management, to take down a Union flag at their fire station.

[ClickPress, Sun Apr 16 2006] The flag, which has been flying proud at the station for four years, was ordered down because it goes against county council policy. Proud firefighters had at first refused to bow to this "political correctness gone mad", but senior management stepped in and ordered it down.

Matt Davies, who is the UKIP candidate for Knaphill at the forthcoming council elections, made this statement.

"This is another sad day for Woking and our country, as once again the politicians meddle in people lives needlessly. The fact the council is saying this is due to health and safety concerns, is the most ludicrous notion I have ever heard. I think firefighters, highly trained in matters of safety, would be able to manage looking after a flag! It is typical of the weak, subservient old parties to see this pushed through. It's time we started trusting our people again and give them back their right to show pride in their country!"

"Many of the firefighters angry at this decision are ex-forces, who have fought for this country's freedoms. UKIP believe they are being let down terribly by the politicians who are supposed to represent them. We believe the coming council elections are an ideal time for people to show that enough is enough!"

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