New Knee Arthritis Treatment in Ludhiana

This new tissue engineering technique non-invasively regenerates and repairs joint cartilage to treat osteoarthritis knee and save millions of patients from knee replacement surgery.

[ClickPress, Sun May 21 2006] Joint replacement surgery may be a thing of the past. About 300 patients of arthritis have been successfully treated as part of Phase II large population study with Tissue Engineering at the Institute of Aerospace Medicine (IAM) and the Centre for Advanced Research and Development with a new device known as Cytotron. All the patients had severe pain of long duration, great limitation of movements and all conventional treatment methods had proved unsuccessful leaving knee replacement surgery as the only other alternative available.

After treatment with Cytotron they are now without pain, can walk normally 1 to 5 km without discomfort and climb stairs without help. Most patients have a remarkable range of motion and can even sit cross-legged and squat on floors which they could not do earlier. Another advantage is that RFQMR treated knee joints were less likely to dislocate (improved stability), would also last longer and the treatment could always be repeated if needed. The growth of knee cartilage has been documented on X-ray and MRI tests.

Cytotron, is being considered by doctors as a future methodology in the treatment of osteo-arthritis. Computers assist doctors to precisely target, regenerate and repair any part of the body to regenerate and repair dying tissues and organs in the human body. The treatment has been certified safe as normal, healthy cells are not affected in any way.

Dr.Sibia informed that the treatment regenerates and repairs joint cartilage using radio frequency beams from 288 guns focused precisely on the area requiring regeneration. This will save thousands of patients from the usual joint replacement surgery in the future. The treatment being non-invasive and non-surgical patients can go home immediately after the treatment, he said. Cytotron could be special utility for sports persons who may damage their ligaments or joints and incapacitate their sports career. It will be a boon for women who suffer more from this debilitating affliction. More information can be had from or from the help-line No. +91-98151-34818.

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