ABS Aérolight’s Pixy© camera plane shoots from the skies

ABS Aérolight of France has developed the Pixy© – a compact, radio-controlled motorised paraglider that can carry up to 5kg of photography equipment without any risk involved, making it ideal for aerial shots, as well as for use with infra-red or multispectral sensors. The company has also developed the Maxi 210©, which is designed for surveillance use in hostile environments. These two unmanned model aircraft are protected by international patents.

[ClickPress, Wed May 24 2006] The sturdy, space-saving Pixy® is easy to pilot and set up. Its affordable purchase price and nominal operating cost make it appropriate for a wide range of potential users. The Pixy® needs only a few metres of runway in order to take to the sky. Throttling back keeps the aircraft from climbing too high in altitude, while a proportional left/right control handles steering. The craft's descent is controlled by throttling back, and a programming of the system will bring the glider to land in automatic pilot.

The Pixy® was designed for very-low-altitude data acquisition (as low as 150m above ground) in order to be included in the world’s most popular class of model aircraft. However, the Pixy® also offers significantly greater capacity and is able to fly at altitudes of close to 2,000m or more for specific purposes. Visual piloting is possible within a 1,500-metre radius of the operator and the aircraft has an battery life of 1½ hours.

Due to its usability and the excellent definition of the photos it shoots in slow-flight mode, the Pixy® has become a bestseller in its category. The Pixy® is used increasingly by leading scientific universities worldwide and is also used by internationally renowned artistic photographers.

ABS Aérolight has also developed the Maxi 210©, a new model offering high power density and a heavy load lift. Designed to take on board heavy sensors, it may also be used to make drops in hostile environments (minefields, battlegrounds, etc.) and to carry out surveillance missions in sensitive areas (radioactive environments, fires, etc.). It is able to carry out complex military missions as it is difficult to pick up and trace by radar. It has a capacity of up to 25kg, making it suitable for a wide range of uses.

In order to meet the needs of a wide range of users, ABS Aérolight also offers a variety of options that are compatible with its standard models. These include radio-controlled lens turrets, a GPS system for the geo-referencing of data, long-range video feedback, and camera and tailored sensor mounts.

About ABS Aérolight

Since 1993, ABS Aerolight, based in south-east France, has offered a full range of ultra-light motorised aircraft (ULMs), which are marketed internationally. With a primary focus on the leisure market until 1998, the company has now acquired proven expertise in the manufacture of gyroplanes designed for use by civilian and defence partners.

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