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Ruth DeBusk PhD will be speaking on June 20,2006, on The Access to Health Experts interview series. She will be discussing Nutrigenomics, the science of how our food and nutrition interact with our genes. The interview is hosted by Dr. Liz Lipski.

[ClickPress, Fri May 26 2006] Ruth DeBusk is the featured guest on June 20,2006, on Access to Health Experts for an exclusive interview discussing Nutrigenomics, the science of how our food and nutrition interact with our genes. The interview is hosted by Dr. Liz Lipski

Dr. Ruth DeBusk is coauthor of the new book “It's Not Just Your Genes”, an informative and easy read that delineates the connection between diet, lifestyle and genotype. She explains how understanding our personal genomic information can guide us in creating optimum health.

According to her book, the Human Genome Project explains how we are all 99.9 percent identical. The remaining .1 percent of our DNA, composed of over 3 million bits of information, grants us our individuality, from eye color to susceptibility to disease. In a sense, our physical outline is decided at birth. However, it is our daily diet and lifestyle choices that truly create our health.

Dr. DeBusk shows us how to combine new genomic knowledge and individualized testing to enhance our daily choices. In essence, targeting what is necessary for our specific genotype, to make wise and simple choices based off what we need to create lasting health rather than intuiting what we may need from generalized diet and health information.

During the June 20th teleseminar, Dr. DeBusk will describe the power and benefits gained from DNA testing and learning your genetic makeup, including:

· Further understanding of the science of Genomics - how we apply genetics to create better health
· Understanding how your genes are affected by what you eat. The progression and severity of some diseases can be affected by your diet. The nutrients we consume can change a genes performance by acting on its 'control region”.
· How to guide your efforts to lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol via diet alone.
· How our genetic makeup effects our natural inherent ability to detox, and eliminate free radicals from our system, and how we can enhance and balance this equation
· How to prevent Diabetes and manage weight loss, based on your genetic code
· Resources for getting personalized and affordable DNA testing.

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Ruth DeBusk, PhD, RD is a nutritional biochemist with 40 years of experience in the combined fields of nutrition and genetics. She has served as a university professor and genetic researcher, as well as a registered dietician in private practice working in the areas of genetics and nutrition. She is the author of numerous scientific papers and four books, including “Genetics: The Nutrition Connection”.
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