Gary Cooper & Ernest Hemingway Article Leads to Film Documentary

Cooper and Hemingway article by writer/director John Mulholland leads to feature documentary on the 20 year friendship of actor Gary Cooper and writer Ernest Hemingway coming this Fall.

[ClickPress, Sun Jun 11 2006] “Cooper and Hemingway: A 20 Year Friendship,” an article by John Mulholland which appeared on May 13, 2000 in the Idaho Press-Tribune newspaper, has spawned development of a major film documentary, website ( and companion book, all scheduled for marketing later this year by MODA Entertainment, New York City.

“The launching is being planned to coincide with and commemorate the 45th anniversary of Gary Cooper and Ernest Hemingway’s demise, a mere seven weeks apart back in 1961, “said Shannon Mulholland, CEO of MODA Entertainment.
The feature length documentary entitled “COOPER and HEMINGWAY: THE TRUE GEN” consists of over 50 on-camera participants, never before seen photographs and home footage, and is narrated by Sam Waterston.

The documentary was written, directed and produced by John Mulholland, whose other film documentaries aired on network and cable television include: ‘Eastern European Composers’ (A&E), ‘Macbeth’ (A&E), and ‘Faulkner’ (PBS). Also written and directed by Mr. Mulholland: ‘Inside High Noon’ for Paramount, a documentary on the behind the scenes controversy during the filming of High Noon; and ‘The Making of Sergeant York’ for Warner Home Video. Among his other documentaries are: Liza Minnelli on ‘Meet me in St. Louis’, Reflections on ‘Gaslight’ with Angela Lansbury and As Time Goes By: The Children Remember on Casablanca.

Both the Gary Cooper Estate and the Hemingway Estate have consulted on this documentary.
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