OGO, Air Crafted Water. Drink In and Breathe Out.

OGO Oxygenwater Hits U.S. Market And Arrives On West Coast. Aquabar Distribution Appointed Master Distributor By Verve Brands, LLC.

[ClickPress, Fri Jul 28 2006] Beverly Hills, July 2006 – Aquabar (www.aquabar.ws) announced today that it will be developing OGO Oxygenwater for the U.S. West Coast. Verve Brands, LLC, owners of OGO USA, have charged Aquabar, Inc. with the task of establishing the brand on premise at spas, hotels, fine establishments and select venues. OGO, oxygen infused water from Belgium, hits the U.S. Market and thrills consumer with it’s uniquely design bottle that resembles an oxygen bubble.

Everyone knows that both oxygen and water are vital to survival, so how fitting to develop water that accomplishes both hydration and the benefits of increased oxygen. OGO Oxygenwater Crystalline Dutch Spring water is infused with up to 35 times the amount of oxygen as regular waters, and has remarkably more benefits too!

“What a clever concept. As a beverage junkie and businessman I was a bit skeptical, but since I’ve been taking OGO I’ve noticed a increase in my energy level. I’m a workaholic so focus and energy are import to me. I definitely notice a difference in my performance, and I could testify that there is a slight tingling sensation, almost undetectable; I’m not just saying that because we’ve just pick-up the product. I’m very fastidious when it comes to the Aquabar portfolio”, says Jason Boardé, CEO of Aquabar, Inc.

“The fortification of water and oxygen (two essential vital substances) creates a new, potentially higher and effective "Elixir of life". We all know what benefits and effects water has on the body, but with an infusion of oxygen you can increase performance and concentration or detoxify your body; regardless how you us OGO, you'll notice the difference.”

OGO Oxygenwater has an oxygen content of up to 200 mg per liter, which is over 35 times that of regular waters. This represents the highest concentration of oxygen commercially available within the current market for bottled waters. Drawn from a single source, OGO uses one of the purest and lightest mineral waters in Europe. Presented in its unique spherical bottle like an oxygen bubble, OGO is a source of well-being and vitality—perfect for recharging after a hard workout or a long day at the office. In every cell of the human body are cell organs. These cell organs contain mitochondria, which uses oxygen to create energy. It is a know fact that Increased oxygen levels improves concentration, performance, skin, and over all health. OGO is the perfect beverage product for those with an active lifestyle.

Day after day OGO refreshes, awakens, stimulates and invigorates. As OGO's oxygen-rich water becomes increasingly available the company plans to also launch Oxygenwater in a tantalizing flavor variation. Currently OGO is available in Southern U.S., but will be available for distribution and resell via Aquabar for the West Coast starting August 1st. Plans are to market the product to fine hotels, spas, restaurants, and select venues in Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Tahoe, Phoenix and Seattle.

The Benefits of Oxygen:
In every cell of the human body are organelles (cell organs); one of these is called mitochondria. They are in every cell and are known as the powerhouses of the cell. Mitochondria take different elements and nutrients from the cell (the food we consume) and send them through a mitochondrial factory. This "process" is called the Krebbs cycle. At the end of this process you will find the most basic source of (animal) energy—ATP or Adeninetriphosphate. Oxygen is used to burn off ATP to extract the most energy out f it. Anything that burns needs oxygen. Human beings make millions of ATP per second. This is the main reasons we breathe oxygen everyday of our lives. Increase oxygen throughout the body can increase energy levels, improve concentration, delays the aging process, prevents lactic acids from building up, and detoxifies the body.

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