Growers who use Trace Complete are experiencing higher profits and producing more nutritious crops.

Most Soils only contain 12-20 of the 74 trace minerals. Most fertilizers only contain 3-6 of these minerals. Trace Complete has all 74 minerals available in nature. Growers who have replaced all these minerals in their soil have seen great results.

[ClickPress, Thu Sep 14 2006] Growers have reported tremendous results from using Trace Complete. Trace Complete is all natural minerals that have been carefully harvested from the ocean. Trace Complete contains all minerals available in nature. Growers are reporting higher yields, higher nutrition value, less crop failure and higher crop value. When the minerals are restored to the plant, the plant is given the tools it needs to fight disease and resist pests on its own

One tomato grower in Colorado experienced these results. He applied Trace Complete to half of his tomatoes. The differences in the tomatoes with the trace mineral application to the ones without the trace mineral application are worth noting. The average sizes of the tomatoes without the Trace Complete application were around 7 ounces. The average sizes of the tomatoes with the Trace Complete application were around 13 ounces. It took less time for him to harvest the larger tomatoes and he doubled his yields per acre. The price he received for the tomatoes with the mineral application was more than double the price he received for the tomatoes without the mineral application. His profit from the crop increased dramatically, compared to previous years.

In the southeast fruit flies stole the harvest on 200 organic peach trees for three years. The trees were also filled with grubs. One application of the Trace Complete was sprayed on all but 10 trees. Those 10 trees were filled with grubs and had zero yields. The other 190 trees had almost no grubs and seemed to be resistant to the fruit flies. Those trees produced a good harvest.

After applying Trace Complete to wheat one grower reported that his yields grew by more than 20%. The amount of protein in the wheat also increased. He made $20 per acre investment and received a $76 increase of crop value per acre. Not only did he produce a more nutritional crop, he also made a great profit too.

In Florida, citrus trees covered in black fungus were sprayed with two gallons per acre of Trace Complete. Within two months the fungus had completely disappeared.

Trace Complete is not a fungicide, insecticide or pesticide. It is simply a mineral rich highly concentrated micronutrient solution. Trace Complete is low in sodium so there is no risk of salting out crops as with other sea mineral applications. The success of the crop is directly related to the health of the crop. By giving the crop all the nutrients it needs, it is more capable of resisting disease and pests.

Most soil only has 12-20 minerals. There are over 70 minerals in nature. Typically, most fertilizers only replace 3-6 of these minerals. Every time a crop is removed from the soil during harvesting, a portion of the minerals that were in that soil are also removed. Over time, the soil becomes extremely depleted. The nutritional value of the harvests also depletes. It is necessary to put the minerals back into the soil to produce healthy crops.

Trace Complete can be applied simply as a foliar application. It can also be mixed in with the soil. Some growers coat their seed with Trace Complete before planting.

Trace Complete is also great for pastureland. As little as a 1/10 of a gallon per acre of Trace Complete can help improve the health of grazing animals significantly.

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