John Daly’s Book Educates Citizens on Overcoming Media Bias

[ClickPress, Tue Oct 10 2006] John Daly isn’t worried that the news he reads, watches, and listens to is tainted with media bias. The Real TV host and celebrity journalist is too busy honing his finely-tuned “ROIL” System, a method of staying educated in today’s media-saturated society. In Truth: The No-B.S. Guide to Navigating A Media-Bias World, Daly’s has laid out his user-friendly system, hoping his concise guide will shed some Truth on how media users can snuff out media bias and effectively use media outlets to thoroughly understand news events and trends.

“I wanted to provide a means for the everyday person to appreciate how to be a savvy consumer of the news and understand what they are reading, what they are watching, and what they are hearing,” Daly said. “I developed this system while I was a journalist out of necessity. I was inspired to put this method in a book for my friends who were confused at the misinformation during the 2004 presidential elections.”

Daly’s “ROIL” System stands for Read, Observe, Interview, Learn. Truth explains what types of print and online publications to read, as well as what news programs are a must to record and watch. After reading and observing, Truth enlightens readers on who to talk with to understand the news. Finally, after reading, watching, and talking to experts, Truth teaches how to put all the information together to form a truly educated opinion.

“The key to understanding what is reported is to read the right publications and watch the right programs which practice good journalism and offer different options,” Daly said. “I tried to design this process to make it as time-efficient as possible.”

Daly has worked as a print and broadcast journalist, including stints as an anchorman at television stations across the country. In addition to appearing as host on Spike TV’s Real TV series, Daly currently works as a journalist for new media blogs and produces podcasts for www.johndaly.tv. An avid golfer, Daly is also a frequent competitor on the Celebrity Players Tour.

Truth is available at major bookstores, on Amazon.com and RooftopPublishing.com.

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