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Business: Wireless People Counting for Retail Outlets, Doctor's Surgeries, Museums, etc.

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Wireless People Counting for Retail Outlets, Doctor's Surgeries, Museums, etc.

Counting visitor numbers has many benefits for stores, banks, galleries, etc. Automatic people counting systems can now be connected to the PC over a WiFi wireless network.

[ClickPress, Thu Jun 09 2005] Biodata announces their new, wireless, people counting system. Counting visitor numbers lets retail outlets, museums and other businesses evaluate their advertising campaigns, plan their staffing levels, see how many people are inside the building at any moment, and so on. The Video Turnstile people counting system can now be connected to the PC over a WiFi wireless network.

Previously the people counters were connected to the PC over RS232, RS485 or Ethernet cables, or via a modem. The new WiFi option speeds up installation and reduces cabling costs. It is also useful in electrically noisy or hostile environments.

As well as monitoring pedestrian flow, the system can determine how long a person spends in a particular area. It can also show the number of people currently inside a building. Windows software shows data in real-time and users can analyse results in any software they choose: Microsoft Excel for example.

The system uses overhead cameras connected to intelligent counting units to track people.

The Video Turnstile system is available from Biodata, who have been designing data collection systems for over 30 years. They provide free technical support for life. All their people counter units are designed and manufactured on their premises and can be customised to the client’s specifications. Video Turnstile systems are being used by businesses in over 13 countries around the world including Britain, USA, Singapore, Dubai, Japan, Hong Kong, Belgium and Hungary. For more information see or contact:

Graham Collins,
Biodata Ltd,
10 Stocks Street,
Manchester, M8 8QG, UK
Tel: 44 (0)161-834 6688
Fax: 44 (0)161-833 2190

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Company: Biodata Ltd
Contact Name: Graham Collins
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 01618346688
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