EFT Emotional Management: Control Stress, Fear, and Emotions, and Influence People

EFT emotional management training enables people to control their own emotions and influence the emotions and behaviour of others. Corporations are gaining more productive and effective employees.

[ClickPress, Sun Oct 29 2006] David Childerely has been helping people to change their lives in a profound and positive way, simply and easily through a technique psychologists call Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) -- emotional management.

Childerley has been providing personal, performance coaching and training to individuals and companies with great success. His training sessions teach people to reduce fear and stress, and control emotions so they can be a more effective and influential leader.

"People who can influence other people's emotions positively are highly valued, as are managers and leaders who can inspire people with great enthusiasm," explained Childerley. "Recent discoveries in psychology have revealed techniques that are capable of rapidly desensitizing negative emotions and leaving us calm and in control. These techniques are easily learned and applied," sad Childerely.

EFT is a process of tapping on the meridian points of traditional Chinese acupuncture while focusing on emotional problems. Most people who do so experience a relaxation response almost immediately, as well as a lessening of the problem emotion and more positive thinking patterns. Studies have shown that these techniques can rapidly relieve negative emotions such as fears or phobias, stress, anger and post traumatic stress, and help people to overcome public speaking fears. The results are almost immediate, according to Childerley.

"Learning to manage your own emotions is one of the most powerful ways to influence the emotions of others around you. Can you imagine what life would be like if you could deal with the emotional upsets that occur on a daily basis? What if there was a way to help people to deal with the stress and anxiety brought on by constantly changing environment?

"New advances in psychology can allow us to more adequately deal with the changes that are occurring in the world, and to turn change into positive advantage. Corporate organisations that have incorporated these new techniques discover that productivity levels rise, along with morale as people begin to feel certain of a more positive future," said Childerely.

His web site at http://www.DavidChilderley.com provides additional information about EFT and the training that is available to individuals and corporate groups and organisations.

About David Childerley:
David Childerley has been delivering personal performance coaching for over 10 years. He is a qualified AAMET EFT practitioner who has developed a unique coaching program full of techniques that transform people's lives quickly, regardless of the emotional challenge.

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