Paranormal Enthusiasts Find New Home Online

A new website has launched with the goal of bringing the popular features found on large social networking sites to paranormal enthusiasts world wide.

[ClickPress, Sat Nov 18 2006] Interest in the paranormal is growing at a rapid rate. It seems like every day you see a new television program or hear a new radio broadcast on the subject. Believers and skeptics alike seem to enjoy getting in on the conversation. The most logical place to turn to gather information on the topic is the Internet. While there are many sites out there dedicated to the paranormal, finding a site where fans can truely network, share information and socialize seems like looking for a needle in a haystack.

"I was tired of the way things were being handled on the Internet" said Alan Rupnick, co-founder of I Am Haunted. "While I agree there is a lot of wonderful information out there, I often found myself touring hundreds of sites and never once did I find a place where a person could do it all." "I would be trying to communicate with people on twenty different sites and keeping up with it all became a nightmare." "No one out there seemed to want to consolidate the whole mess so I took on the job." When asked how his site would benifit the paranormal community, his response was "what I'm trying to do for paranormal enthusiasts is bring them a site where they can network and socialize." "A site with many of the popular features of the big social networks." "One site rather then one hundred."

Signing up for I Am Haunted is easy, free and open to the public. Enjoy popular features like customizable profiles, chat, instant messenger, blogs, forums, photos and much more. If you are interested in the paranormal, this is a site that is definately worth visiting. Visit them at


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