Brand New Modular Car Organizer "CarGo Desk"

The New CarGo Desk™ is the mobile laptop desk of the future! No other mobile laptop desk provides as many mobile office accessories and options to build your custom mobile office.

[ClickPress, Thu Nov 23 2006] Every mobile professional is looking for ways to increase their productivity thus realizing more time to do what they want. In this fast paced world, time is money and maximizing productivity is paramount. With the advent of laptops, cell phones and PDA’s, people are becoming more efficient, but without an effective way to utilize these tools, it’s all for naught. Bright Idea Group LLC has the solution! No matter which device or combination of these devices you use, the CarGo Desk™ Mobile Vehicle Organizer allows professionals to access and organize their mobile computing, mobile communication equipment and business accoutrements, efficiently, effectively and safely.

Working in your vehicle without the CarGo Desk™ is like working in an office without a desk. The CarGo Desk™ mobile vehicle workstation is secured into your vehicle's passenger seat via the safety belt, thus providing a convenient area for doing paperwork and computing. Many options are available to hold your laptop, cell phone, PDA and printer. With the CarGo Guard™ security system, you can feel confident that your expensive devices and information are safe. The CarGo Desk™ is the only vehicle organizer that is completely modular in design. It grows as your business needs grow.

Have you ever wished you could review and print your client’s latest order, outstanding quote, past due bill or what you were supposed to provide them after your last sales call prior to your meeting? The CarGo Desk™ puts everything at your fingertips. No need to fumble with documents during your sales call anymore. Close more sales, increase commissions and gain more time to do the fun things in life. CarGo Desk™ let’s you “Gear Up and Go”. This is the Road Warriors ultimate productivity tool. Let us show you what productivity is all about. Join CarGo Crew™ to stay up to date on the hottest new productivity tools on the market. “Mobile Made Easy”. Never use this or any other mobile equipment while driving!

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