Parents Get Peace of Mind with i-Kids

With dark winter evenings upon us, the launch of a new child safety device promises to give parents peace of mind when their children are out and about without them.

[ClickPress, Wed Dec 06 2006] With dark winter evenings upon us, the launch of a new child safety device promises to give parents peace of mind when their children are out and about without them. i-Kids features a one-touch emergency button and the very latest GPS functionality to help relieve parents’ anxieties over the safety of their child, without limiting their independence.

Children can reach a parent or guardian immediately in the event of distress or danger by pressing the one-touch emergency button, which automatically speed-dials four pre-programmed numbers in sequence until the child’s alert is answered. In the unlikely event that no-one answers; the call is diverted to the i-Kids service desk where a trained operator can offer assistance.

Parents can govern safe everyday communications for younger children since i-Kids only allows children to call the four pre-programmed speed dial numbers. While children can receive text messages and calls from parents on their i-Kids device, they are not able to send text messages or engage in any communication that isn’t authorised by the primary guardian.

Using the unique GPS functionality of the i-Kids, parents can pin-point the location of their child to within 10-20 metres in seconds, by carrying out a real time trace using their own mobile phone or PC. The i-Kids GPS features, which work even when the device is switched off , will also alert parents by text message when their child moves out of pre-set safety zones, such as the local playground or their bus journey to school.

Commenting on the launch, Mark Gullickson, CEO of mobiles2go said: “Everyday we read about the increasing number of threats to child safety and this is fuelling the already prevalent fears of parents everywhere. There is a fine balance between keeping your child safe while gradually introducing the freedom and responsibility they need to enjoy a healthy and happy childhood. i Kids has already proven a very popular solution to this parental predicament in Australia, Netherlands, Germany, South Africa and Korea, by giving children the ability to communicate safely, with security features that give parents peace of mind.”

The i-Kids safety device has the following features:

­ emergency button - when a child pushes the red button the device calls the four programmed speed dial numbers in sequence to alert them of the emergency. If a number is unanswered or on voicemail, i-Kids is sophisticated enough to move onto the next number. If none of the four numbers are available then the call gets answered by the i-Kids Help Desk call centre
­ controlled communication - calls using the device are limited to four speed dial numbers authorised and set up by the parent. i-Kids can receive incoming calls but the device can only receive texts, not compose them
­ real time trace – the GPS functionality of i-Kids gives parents the location of their child in 60 – 90 seconds to within 10 – 20 metres *
­ adjustable safety zones - the i-Kids service allows parents to set up three adjustable safety zones. Once the child moves outside the parameters set, the parent (or guardian) will receive a text message on their mobile informing them of the child's movements
­ durability and ease of use - as the device is designed with children in mind, i-Kids is hard wearing and easy to use. Set up pages are user friendly and secured by passwords to ensure that children cannot re-programme the settings

The i-Kids device will be available to buy directly from mobiles2go from 1st December 2006, with stock available for delivery before Christmas. Visit or call the mobiles2go customer service line on 0844 800 9133. It will be priced at £99.99, with a monthly tariff of £15.75 on an 18 month contract. The i-Kids device will be available in major retail outlets throughout the UK from January 2007.

*when in satellite and network operator coverage. If the i-Kids is not in satellite coverage, e.g. indoors, the last known position will be shown
** depending on battery life


About mobiles2go
mobiles2go is not constrained by outdated billing systems and infrastructure and therefore can provide simple and refreshing plans and products as well as giving customers the choice in the way they would like to be serviced.

The management team at mobiles2go understands emerging global trends and is at the forefront of the rapidly expanding Global MLBS (Mobile Location Based Services) market for both personal safety and business applications. The first of these to be made available in the UK is i-Kids.

About i-Kids
i-Kids is a safety device that:
• Has an emergency button which calls the 4 pre-programmed parental numbers and emergency call centre
• Has restricted dialling. Can only call 4 numbers which are programmed by the parent and which can only be adjusted through the secure i-Kids website
• Sends a simple text message to parent’s existing mobile phone with child’s street address details
• Alerts parents when their child’s battery or credit is low
• Means a parent can maintain contact with their child

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