Will Delivering Drugs by Inhalation Finally Reach its Potential?

With The Concept Now Proven, Greystone Finds Targets, Candidates Expanding

[ClickPress, Wed Dec 06 2006] While this space includes transdermal patches and gels and to a lesser extent needle-free injectors, advances in drug formulation and inhalation device design are creating new opportunities for inhaled drug delivery as an alternative to oral and parenteral delivery methods. These developments are attracting new players and new investment, accelerating the pace and number of new inhalation delivery candidates entering the drug development pipeline.

Several of these emerging drug products will have a significant impact in the therapeutic markets they target, improving patient compliance and effectively changing the way important illnesses and conditions are treated. For inhalation device suppliers and their drug partners, understanding the concerns, preferences, and limitations of consumers to self-medicate via inhalation will be the driving force for future–generation inhaled drugs and spell the difference between successful ventures in this market and entities that will fail to prosper in spite of highly favorable market dynamics.
These findings are contained in a new and comprehensive report. Delivering Drugs by Inhalation: Emerging Therapeutic Opportunities includes comprehensive assessments of inhalation product candidates, profiles of inhalation market participants, industry data and forecasts, and detailed analysis of design and economic factors.

More information is available at www.greystoneassociates.org .

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