Gary Shepherd and Daniel Lubert Form Dubai Property Developer Consortium

Daniel Lubert and Gary Shepherd join forces again to form The First Group and as property developers bring a new and exciting investment product to Dubai Sports City, Dubailand.

[ClickPress, Thu Dec 07 2006] The business partnership of Gary Shepherd and Daniel Lubert is one of those very rare relationships that have really stood the test of time. Their divergent, yet complimentary management styles provide the essence of such dynamism. Brighton born Daniel Lubert said "It is near impossible to separate our (Gary Shepherd and Daniel Lubert) careers as we have worked intimately together as shareholding directors throughout our professional lives"

In 1985 the Lubert / Shepherd team’s initial focus was on the development, sales and marketing of residential, commercial and holiday resort property in Europe for The Resort Properties Group. This period saw the successful development and sale of more than 2,000 properties with a combined value in excess of $500 million.

In the early 1990s after visiting several of the Eastern Block countries, Lubert and Shepherd developed several outlets there after which activities spread across central Europe to Russia and on to Cyprus working with Le Meridien Group. Lubert and Shepherd’s success and expertise within the resort development industry empowered them to offer consultancy services for major corporate customers including Euro Disney, Regal Hotels of Hong Kong, and the Berjaya group of Malaysia.

In 1994 they executed a successful plan to launch a large scale project in South-East Asia. From a base in Singapore, Daniel Lubert spotted the opportunity to expand to Hong Kong and then spread throughout the region into Thailand, the Philippines, and Taiwan. The Lubert / Shepherd partnership blossomed into Australasia developing and selling property throughout Australia as well as mainland Europe. By 1997 Gary Shepherd and Daniel Lubert were responsible for over 800 staff in 11 offices worldwide.

Inevitably such success yielded the temptation to sell their enterprise to a rival global corporate. The resultant financial security prompted semi-retirement for Daniel Lubert and a period of consultancy for Gary Shepherd to property groups worldwide. However, with youth on their side, it was not long before the Daniel Lubert / Gary Shepherd partnership was reborn in the new millennium as First Homes Worldwide.

Its group of companies, now generically renamed The First Group, started in the UK selling property in Spain and USA. However focus rapidly turned to emerging market property developments to capitalise on their wealth of experience.

A joint venture with a major construction company resulted in them becoming one of the largest coastal property developers in Northern Cyprus, whilst at the same time further endeavours enabled them to capitalise on the market for property in Hungary. The First Group’s office in central Budapest currently serves as their Central European marketing hub.

With the world’s attention turning to Dubai as an obvious investors’ haven, the chance to offer prime Dubai property investment opportunities could not be missed. The First Group now has commercial and residential towers under development in the UAE. The Diamond in Dubai Sports City is The First Group’s premier residential development, offering an exciting buy to let opportunity in the Dubai property market, through their Wealthbuilder programme. Located in Dubai Sports City, in the Dubailand development, the leaseback scheme at The Diamond has created high interest from investors wishing to secure a totally hands off Dubai investment product to add to their investment portfolio. This opportunity has been recently enhanced by The Diamond now able to offer investors the added benefit of 100% freehold titles following recent changes in the Sports City development within the Dubailand development. (The First Group)

The First Group plans to shortly bring to the Dubai property market exciting and unique offshore investment funds, allowing investors easy access to international emerging markets, hence further expanding the group’s property development programs beyond being one of the most dynamic Dubai property developers.

The objective of Gary Shepherd and Daniel Lubert has now literally been set in stone. "We plan to build an international property group renowned for high quality products which is respected by investors", said Gary Shepherd. "It is our intention to have a stock market flotation within the next 5 years", claims Daniel Lubert.

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