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Another Web 2.0 presence happened recently, HomeBizPal.com converted into a blog with a highly text based interface. Along with its revamped newbie article series, it expects users' feedback to develop future content.

[ClickPress, Fri Dec 08 2006] HomeBizPal.com which was formerly a static site has been converted into a blog. Its interface had gained a significant user attraction and this move seems to be somewhat risky in that aspect. But as its owner Gayanath Jayarathne says, the objective is to gain user interaction rather than just the attraction.

"Blogging is an excellent way to get user opinions. With their comments, it is pretty much easier to get to know their perspective and we can organize future content based on them. This didn't happen well in our static site. Only feedback was user submitted emails which were very less comparing to blog comments"

Although its objective is on user comments, currently there aren't many comments on it. Can this move be just an attempt to say we are Web 2.0?

"No. We got this decision after thorough consideration. Actually we had lots of difficulties to make the move. We also risked already indexed pages (by search engines) and back-links. We got the challenge for a better future, not as a fashion. For the comments thing, yes, currently there aren't many comments because we haven't focused on building our readership. Our focus on that will be after finishing newbie article series."

The blog is powered by WordPress and currently hosted by DreamHost. Its simple theme is by two young enthusiastic bloggers, Paul Stamatiou and Neil Patel. As Gayanath said they had spent a considerable time researching a good theme and finally satisfied with 281 because of its simplicity and fast loading.

As stated, its current articles are for newcomers. Once it's finished, there will be an interactive guide that helps individuals to find a solid home business based on their budgets and some other aspects like demographic area. Its previously featured free tools and free ebooks will also be added soon.

There onwards, some successful home business owners, specially who built it from bottom-up will feature to add real world experience which then can be used by newly involved individuals to fine tune their own home businesses.


About HomeBizPal.com

HomeBizPal.com was formally launched back in year 2005, with the primary goal of guiding newcomers to start and maintain home businesses without facing information overload. Today, it's well occupied with step-by-step articles, free ebooks and free tools to serve its visitors better.

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