Introducing Hobnobster, a Fresh Approach to Social Networking

Feedtext Inc. launches a new and innovative social networking and bookmarking service.

[ClickPress, Fri Dec 08 2006] Hobnobster (, brainchild of a San Francisco-based company, Feedtext Inc. (, launches today.

The application is a web and mobile social networking and bookmarking service where individuals get to message, mix and mingle with individuals of their choice by making use of the distinct features and search applets that ensures fast navigation through the member profiles found in the network.

Hobnobster can generate quality connections online and can help individuals stay connected even when on the move with the use of the text-messaging feature of a mobile phone. It addresses the need for mobility with the integration of this particular feature as the main communication platform for members.

“Our aim is to diversify our services in order to accommodate the demand that our market necessitates,” shares Vince T. Yamat, Founder of Feedtext Inc., “acknowledging an individual’s need for mobility and addressing a person’s ability to stay in touch are the two core ideas that serves as foundation for all our products and services.”

Since Hobnobster is a web and mobile application, a message sent from the web directly to the mobile phone of a member ensures a better and immediate interaction. There are options for achieving maximum user experience; a member has the ability to liven things up by sending Icebreakers in the form of a Hobnobster smiley, hug, flower, anonymous and personalized text messages. Importantly, it has not overlooked the issue of privacy; the application will allow members to block messages from unwanted members.

“Hobnobster provides a great way to connect and communicate with select peers, allows our subscribers to brand and promote their own profiles, and offers unique and clever ways to interact with the use of active contact features, complete with web and mobile options, found on the application.” Yamat adds. “It gives you the option to keep track of the profiles, which you’ve found interesting, and bookmark them for future or immediate communication. These bookmarked profiles will be visible to your contacts and visitors. You’ll be able to keep track of profiles that have sent you anonymous messages or, even better, you can make use of the Unmask feature of the application to reveal his or her identity. With all these features, you’ll come to see that it’s fun and safe!”

Hobnobster is the perfect choice for web and mobile social networking needs for individuals who regard multi-faceted interactivity with significance. With this application, the possibilities for a fun web and mobile networking and hook up experience are endless.

Feedtext Inc. is a web and mobile entertainment company that develops consumer and business applications for media companies and wireless carriers in North America. The company also offers other services such as chat, community applications, interactive TV applications and mobile entertainment storefronts.

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