Online drapery and bedding manufacturer discovers "the value of free"

Free offers increase PageRank leading to big profits for online retailer.

[ClickPress, Fri Dec 08 2006] Christine Tenney and Francie Johnson, owner and vice president, respectively, of custom design store DraperyAndBedding, have recently experienced a notable increase in free fabric sample requests. While these textile gurus are thrilled with the high linkback rate to their website due to people spreading the news, they are a bit awestruck by this frenzy to stockpile fabric samples.

The two sisters, Christine and Francie, have been crafting custom window drapery and bedding for over 15 years. All of their products are made to order and many are featured in homebuilders’ model homes across the country. Maintaining a stock of approximately 300 patterns, DraperyAndBedding is able to offer exceptional prices for luxury designs that can be catered to fit any dimension.

As part of DraperyAndBedding’s dedication to providing customers with unique offers, the designers regularly offer discounts on patterns containing seasonal colors. With a current discount of 10% off any fabric that contains the color orange or brown, sales have jumped this fall and have inspired a new offer to help customers decide which pattern best suits their tastes.

This latest offer complements DraperyAndBedding’s promise of a hassle-free experience and customer satisfaction by allowing prospective customers to request a free sample of a desired pattern to see how the colors correspond to their surroundings. Initially it was the store’s loyal customer base that eagerly began to take them up on their offer. However, the word spread rapidly and the number of visitors to DraperyAndBedding’s website has soared, along with the profits.

With a whole section of their website devoted to an alluring array of free samples, people are attracted as much to perusing for a pattern as scanning the characteristic name assigned to each swatch. It is no wonder that countless other websites are referring this anomalous band of fabric seekers to DraperyAndBedding’s website to beseech their free swatch.

Whatever the motive for fabric sample requests, DraperyAndBedding never could have predicted that offering free swatches would have such a beneficial impact on their business. Although some fabric seekers may be in it just for the free fabric pursuit, the large majority of free requests transform into orders for feathery duvets, exquisite valances and more, much to the delight of Christine and Francie.

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