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Finding wedding vendors is often the most stressful and time consuming challenge newly engaged couples face. The people and companies that make up their “wedding team” – caterers, photographers, floral designers – can make or break their big day. Chicago couples now have access to a free, personal wedding vendor introduction service from Flourish Weddings.

[ClickPress, Fri Dec 08 2006] Chicago couples now have access to a free, personal wedding vendor introduction service from Flourish Weddings.

While couples can find lists of vendors, on-line or in wedding magazines, they have no idea if that vendor is within their budget, is reputable, or even available to work on their wedding day. With a limited amount of time to make phone calls and attend meetings, today’s busy couples may not vet a company properly or make the best deal possible, all in an effort to secure vendors for their wedding. The entire process can feel overwhelming and can eat into valuable planning time.

“I have bride’s tell me they are meeting with five [photographers] or more! After tracking down these websites, collecting prices, setting up meetings… that’s a job in itself!” Robin Sloan, River Bend Studio.

“Our wedding planning clients have consistently identified vendor referral as their number one concern in the initial planning stages” says Georgina Tegart, owner of Flourish Weddings. “Couples often hire a wedding planner just to introduce them to vendors that fit their budget, style and personality.” She continues: “A mistake in vendor selection can be costly, and couples know that, but it can be difficult for them to muddle through all the information out there and find the vendor who will contribute the most to their day.”

Georgina decided to launch the new service, called Introductions, to match couples to vendors using the same techniques she uses with her wedding planning clients. “Not all couples want or need a wedding planner – but every couple can use expert advice and information about finding the best band or photographer.” Couples who sign up for the service will fill out a preliminary questionnaire about their budget and preferences and then schedule an appointment in her Lakeview Studio to review their options. Georgina explains, “At the meeting, we will present them with the vendors we feel are perfect for their wedding – and we’ll explain why.” She continues, “We will also be able to dispel myths, explain costs and qualifications – what makes a good videographer and why – to couples.” The meeting can take as long as 2 hours depending on how many vendors the couple needs.

Introductions is free to couples, but vendors pay a fee to participate in the program. Georgina explains: “Wedding vendors love being introduced to potential clients personally. They know they already fit that couple’s budget and style.” Vendors who participate commit to charging their established prices regardless of whether a couple comes to them through Introductions or another source. Vendors are thoroughly evaluated before joining the program. “We would never refer a vendor through Introductions that we wouldn’t be 100% comfortable referring to our wedding planning clients and working with on a wedding day,” says Georgina.

Couples can find out more about the service and sign up by visiting

Introductions isn’t the only free service offered by Flourish Weddings. Couples can also get useful – and fun - wedding advice and information in the Learn section of their website. They can submit wedding questions to Georgina Tegart and read about how real couples made their big day a success. (
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Flourish was launched in 2004 by Georgina Tegart with one objective: to help busy couples design, coordinate, and produce one-of-a-kind weddings with the least amount of stress possible. Since then, we have assisted couples plan fabulous weddings at Chicago’s best venues. Georgina Tegart also coordinates destination weddings, recently traveling to The Bahamas and British Virgin Islands. In 2006, Flourish launched several new services and resources, including Introductions. They now offer couples the ability to shop for wedding productions on-line, to find free wedding planning advice and information, sign up for planning classes, and to hire Flourish for either wedding planning or wedding styling services.

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