Billiard manufacturer Campran introduces third generation table upgrades

Campran, a direct to consumer manufacturer of custom billiard products, announced today their new generation three Levello28 pool table upgrades.

[ClickPress, Sat Dec 09 2006] Ironically, in leveling the playing surface of their new generation three Levello28 pool table, Campran has leveled the playing field of the competition. Campran, a manufacturer of quality pool tables and poker, casino, and dining top sets, announced today that their new pool table construction design not only equals or surpasses the construction design of their Internet competitors in durability and longevity guaranteeing a level playing surface but, also, at a much lower price point.

For years, Campran has undersold their Internet competition with the lowest price point for a quality 3-piece, 1” thick slate, custom, pool table resplendent in furniture grade hardwood cabinetry and gleaming with a high gloss, grand piano finish. For years, the competition has claimed that their tables are superior, which is why they demand much higher prices. Campran, adopting improved construction techniques in their latest, third generation pool table with a pre-assembled, leveled cabinet and state of the art, solid hardwood brackets that assure a stronger, more stable, and perfectly squared pool table, has silenced their competition by offering a pool table that equals or betters the pool tables of others while maintaining price points much lower than that of the competition.

“Our base cabinet is supported by two center beams and two interlocking cross beams that are attached to the cabinet by U shaped, interlocking solid hardwood brackets, which reduces the pressure of the slate on the cabinet and increases the longevity of the table,” said Tauri Royce, marketing manager for Campran. “The legs of the pool table are attached with hardwood brackets that extend with hardwood leg posts to the top of the cabinet providing full table weight support, which ensures no shifting and/or tilting of the cabinet and/or slate while maintaining a perfectly leveled and squared playing surface.”

“We will match the lowest available product prices on competitive vendor web sites for comparable quality products delivered to the home,” said Franca Campanella, the President of Campran.

“Whether buying a car or a coat, consumers buy by price point but they want quality, too. We guarantee the lowest price, the highest quality, and offer the consumer custom design choices not offered anywhere in a pool table at this price,” said Franca. “Unlike other pool table manufacturers who offer a product line that differs only in the wood finish of oak or cherry and with green or red cloth, we make our tables to order based on the customers’ specifications, not ours. With more than 2.2 million possible custom design choices in 5’, 6’, 7’, 8’ or 9’ three-piece 1” thick slate beds, you can completely customize your pool table anyway you like."

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