Leading Harley Street private clinic Number One Health has announced that it is offering Hajj pilgrims 10% off all vaccinations and malaria medications.

[ClickPress, Wed Dec 20 2006] Leading Harley Street private clinic Number One Health has announced that it is offering Hajj pilgrims 10% off all vaccinations and malaria medications.

More than two million people worldwide take part in the pilgrimage to Mecca, known as Hajj, each year. But, many are unaware of the potential health risks.

“Sunstroke and heat exhaustion are common problems experienced by Hajj pilgrims,” said Charlie Easmon, Medical Director of Number One Health. “However, it is the infectious diseases that cause the major problems.

“The most common diseases that I have seen contracted during the Hajj pilgrimage include Hepatitis, meningitis, and more recently flu. With high numbers of people in close proximity, many from disparate regions, diseases can easily be passed on.”

The hostile climate of the Arabian desert makes the likelihood of disease, particularly in the more elderly and infirm, very high. More recently influenza – flu has become a concern and many Doctors have called for mandatory flu vaccines for Hajj pilgrims.
With such large numbers of people in one place, diseases are easily passed on, and Number One Health is calling for pilgrims to obtain the correct vaccinations before traveling, and be aware of what to do if illness strikes.

Under Saudi law all pilgrims must be vaccinated against certain diseases. These include meningococcal meningitis, and travelers must show proof of vaccination before entering the country.

Easmon continued: “I also urge Muslims on Hajj to have vaccinations against Hepatitis A and B, and ensure they take anti-malarial tablets ahead of their departure. There are also other health threats that might be overlooked like opportunistic barbers offering to shave male pilgrims' heads, one of the rites of Hajj. The common re-use of blades can expose pilgrims to blood borne infections like HIV, Hepatitis B and C.”

To claim the special 10% discount on all travel vaccinations, anti-malaria medication and flu call 020 7580-5467 or email: quoting reference ‘HajjH2’.

Top Tips for Hajj Pilgrims:
1. Get vaccinated against Hep A and B
2. Ensure your meningitis vaccine is up to date
3. Obtain a flu vaccine
4. Avoid unsterile blades for the cutting of hair
5. Be aware of the symptoms of Tuberculosis – cough lasting more than 3 weeks, night sweats and unexplained weight loss


Charlie Easmon, medical director at Number One Health, is available for interview.

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