Building Demolition Moves, But Can't Stop the Pawsitive Vybe

Pawsitive Vybe relocates due to building demolition.

[ClickPress, Wed Jan 17 2007] Pawsitive Vybe, a dog training school in Rockford, MI, was forced to cancel its rental agreement with Carriage House, LLC, new owners of 12 E. Bridge St. due to negative impacts upon the business of building demolition and reconstruction of 12 E. Bridge St.

"We were really sad to see the old building go. We were just getting settled here and the location was just stellar," said Ron Watson, Co-Owner of Pawsitive Vybe. "Being so close to town and right on the White Pine Trail allowed us to genuinely interact with the people of Rockford. It was a dream location. We'll never find another place like that."

Pawsitive Vybe has relocated to a spacious 18 acres in Cedar Springs, MI. Less than 10 miles away from their original downtown Rockford location.

Dog sport classes will be starting this spring, and will include agility, discdogging, flyball, and herding.

Canine Freestyle and Canine Interaction (obedience) classes are available now and open for enrollment.

The new home based Pawsitive Vybe has no brick and mortar retail operation, but the virtual storefront remains online at

"The new direction that we have taken Pawsitive Vybe is much closer to what we had envisioned it," said Apryl Lea, Co-Owner of the western Michigan dog training school.

"It's really great to have the opportunity to work with our dogs on our own property whenever we want," added Ron.

Pawsitive Vybe will continue to offer Canine Interaction Classes in downtown Rockford, on the White Pine Trail and local parks as soon as spring breaks.

"Learning to work with our dog while immersed in real life situations is a huge benefit for everyone. Handlers with the confidence and competence necessary to be successful in handling and training our dogs in real life are not only good for their dogs, it's good for the community."

Classes in Rockford will start again this Spring.

Winter classes are ongoing and are open for enrollment.

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