Fed up with your horse's bad habits? It's time to take control.....

Many horse trainers claim that an unmannerly horse will always be that way. But one Dallas County resident discovers how he was able to cure his horse from bad and sometimes dangerous habits.

[ClickPress, Fri Jan 19 2007] Many horse owners have experience unruly or unmannerly horses at one time or another. Horses that will balk, kick, bite, buck, shy, or run away, or any number of other behaviors. Many times these problems are an annoyance for the owners and the riders. Unfortunately, that's not the only problem that could result from these behaviors.

“Having been around horses all my life, I knew what the appropriate plan of action would be. We would have to get rid of her.” States Dwayne Steeves, a resident of Addison. Dwayne realized this after his 14 year old American Standard Bred Mare named Clancy bit the shoulder of a local neighborhood girl. “With added pressure from my wife, it seemed like there was no other choice. We just can’t have a horse that is out of control, it’s too much of a danger.”

For many horse owners, months or years of rigorous training are often required to break a horse of bad and often dangerous habits; sometimes to no avail. Many horse trainers have affirmed that, once a bad horse, always a bad horse.
Dwayne was able to break his 14 year old mare from many bad and dangerous habits with some simple training from an online resource. “I found an excellent horse training course that really helped us out, Clancy is now a mannerly, and most importantly safe” said Dwayne.

More information about Dwayne’s story and how he broke his horse from bad can be found at http://horse-training-made-easy.blogspot.com


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