txtNation welcomes mobile revolution in West Africa

With more countries on the continent of Africa progressing dramatically in mobile technology, txtNation is well placed to take advantage of a new hunger for mobile services in West Africa.

[ClickPress, Wed Jan 31 2007] Analysts know that West Africa is shaping up to become one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world. For too long now, West Africa has suffered from a lack of infrastructure, but things are changing and mobile companies are desperate to get a foothold. txtNation has had huge success, particularly in Nigeria. With more countries in the region coming on board from 2007, txtNation is well placed to take advantage of this new hunger for mobile technology in West Africa.

txtNation is no stranger to the African market. They formed an important relationship with Endemol in South Africa to supply SMS and telephone voting technology for Nigeria’s massive popular hit of the television franchise Big Brother. The Nigerian Big Brother series demonstrates the passion for text messaging in the country, garnering millions of votes. Soon, txtNation will reprise its role there by empowering another worldwide franchise – the Nigerian version of the UK’s Pop Idol and the USA’s American Idol.

Nigeria is the mobile powerhouse in West Africa, already slated as the largest mobile market on the continent, but there are contenders elsewhere, whose infrastructure is improving visibly year-on-year.

In Ghana, some analysts believe that mobile growth could overtake some western countries. In line with txtNation’s commitment to Africa, Ghanaian businesses are able to fully utilise txtNation’s billing, content and messaging solutions from next year. Ghana and Nigeria join other African nations (such as South Africa, Egypt, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya) on the growing list of txtNation-enable countries.

It was not so long ago that much of Africa was without mobile infrastructure, but a new dawn is promised. As mobile pioneers in Nigeria have shown, there is a great need for more and better services. txtNation have been prominent in some parts of the continent and is fully geared up for Africa’s mobile revolution.

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