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To celebrate 5 million questions answered, the AQA (Any Question Answered) service is giving away a free answer to all new customers.

[ClickPress, Tue Feb 13 2007] It’s simple to use. Simply go to, type in your question and mobile number, and AQA will send you an answer in minutes, completely free of charge.

“Ask what you will, we won’t bat an eyelid,” said Paul Cockerton, Marketing Director. “We have dealt with everything, from the obscure – where can I get a heart-shaped bikini wax for Valentines Day? – to the philosophical – What’s the meaning of life? - to the downright abstruse – How many Rizla papers would it take to cover the inside of St Paul’s cathedral?”

As an added incentive to visit, AQA has launched a new feature where well known users of the AQA service answer a selection of questions posed by our customers. The first celebrity is Stephen Fry and he answers questions on everything from gadgets he would like invented, to his favourite joke, the meaning of life and much, much more.

AQA facts:
· AQA was launched in April 2004 and now answers over 12,000 questions each day.
· AQA has answered over 5 million questions.
· AQA has over 650 home based researchers to provide the answers.
· To use AQA, UK phone users text 63336 (cost £1), Ireland text 57275 (cost €2).
· ‘The end of the question mark’ book, a collection of the best Q&A received by AQA, is on sale at all good bookstores.

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