Food for Everyone Non-Profit launches digital products

The Non-Profit Food For Everyone Foundation (FFEF), headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is pleased to announce the first ever availability of their new Vegetable Gardening Training videos as digital downloads, right on the internet.

[ClickPress, Tue Feb 20 2007] These videos constitute a college-level agronomy course that is being used in many countries around the world to create highly successful family growers of gardens of all sizes, including commercial enterprises, that are models of productivity and sustainability.

The packages are as follows:

Package I - Soil-Bed Gardening Basics
Package II - Grow-Box Gardening Basics
Package III - Recognizing and Correcting Nutrient Deficiencies
Package IV - Greenhouse Vegetable Production Training & Examples
Package V - Successful Gardening in Any Soil or No Soil - Worldwide #1
Package VI - Successful Gardening in Any Soil or No Soil - Worldwide #2

The foundation is also excited to offer an affiliate program through “RightCart”, so that interested online website owners can help the foundation spread the word about highly productive vegetable gardening, and also share in the income generated from sales of these valuable materials.

Information on the digital training materials can be found on

Foundation humanitarian training projects have been conducted for 43 years in 31 countries around the world, first by Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider, and most recently by current foundation President, Jim Kennard. Locations for humanitarian assistance are chosen on the basis of need and willingness of the governments and people to accept and implement the improved methods.

Examples of lives changed by the Foundation’s work are inspiring. From Papua New Guinea to Africa and Madagascar, and from Russia to America’s Indian reservations, it is reported that many thousands of families have been empowered to improve their lives dramatically and permanently by following these improved growing methods.

Questions, requests for, and offers of assistance can be directed to Jim Kennard, Foundation President at 848 Woodruff Way, SLC, UT 84108 – (888) 548-4449, or to
Press contacts can also contact the head of Business Development at


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