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WorkBidder is an innovative and website which helps everyday people get quotes for jobs which need doing, whether it be painting the house you've just purchased, giving your car a service or finding someone to help you move from A to B.

[ClickPress, Sat Feb 24 2007] The website started from an idea Stuart Kidd had a few years ago and last summer he finally got it up and running.

" is a convenient way for customers to get quotes or make contact with working professionals without having to waste hours and hours of time phoning around to get someone in." Stuart Kidd said.

"The old way of doing things wasn't only time consuming but it was also frustrating as customers would often be met with voicemail and seldom got calls returned due to the fact that the worker was too busy. WorkBidder functions so well because you'll only get responses from workers who have some spare time and can fit you in."

It doesn't only benefit the customer, it's a valuable tool for businesses large and small - they have a whole new way of making contact with their customers. I don't need to point out how many people use the internet.

Stuart told us the site has grown so much over the last 3 months that he's now planning to launch in Australia, South Africa, Canada, USA and a group of other countries.

What has made the website so successful in the UK is possibly the increase of skilled workers entering the UK from Eastern Europe.

WorkBidder not only helps customers receive quotes for jobs (from tradesmen, dog walkers, hair stylists, computer professionals) but also has a directory to find workers for those jobs which are more urgent and time is of the essence.

For UK users you can go straight to

WorkBidder is a free service for both workers and customers and workers in return for their sign-up also receive a free web page which is great for small businesses.

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