98% of IT Professionals Concerned About Their Company's Environmental Impact

The findings of a survey by Version One highlight that almost all senior IT professionals are concerned about their organisation's impact on the environment.

[ClickPress, Mon Feb 26 2007] The findings of a survey by document management software company, Version One (www.versionone.co.uk), highlight that almost all senior IT professionals are concerned about their organisation's impact on the environment and ALL believe more needs to be done to reduce the damage UK companies are inflicting on the world's ecosystem. Version One carried out the research with 100 senior IT professionals (IT directors and managers) across a range of public and private sector organisations.

The survey shows that 98% of senior IT professionals are concerned about the negative impact their company is having on the environment with 56% of these admitting to being VERY concerned. Only one respondent - an IT manager from a large clothing company - is not concerned with his company's environmental effects, reporting that little waste is produced by the company, and what is produced is recycled. Another respondent states that they do not know whether to be concerned or not!

Tony Bray, Director of Version One, says, "These findings prove that the IT industry is just as concerned about the environment as any other industry sector, and perhaps even more so! What is disturbing, however, is that with nearly all respondents being worried about their organisation's impact on the environment, it is clear that the UK still has a very long way to go if it is to slow the effects of climate change."

All 100 respondents believe more needs to be done to persuade UK companies to reduce their negative impact on the environment, however there are mixed ideas about the type of measures required. Nearly one fifth of respondents -19% - believe that financial incentives together with legislation and a 'green' education programme are required. 17% suggest that financial incentives alone are the answer, 16% believe that a 'green' education programme is sufficient and 13% of respondents feel that legislation alone would encourage businesses to become more eco-friendly. Penalties, greater collaboration with world leaders and nuclear power projects are amongst the other measures put forward by respondents.

Bray comments, "Climate change is a major threat and it's absolutely imperative that IT professionals do not rest on their laurels, but instead demonstrate that they care through actions as well as words. Recycling electrical equipment, promoting energy saving practices, cutting down on CO2 emissions and investing in green technologies such as document management software are all steps towards a brighter future. Version One is reducing its carbon footprint with measures such as these, and if the UK is to get anywhere near its Kyoto agreement targets, other businesses across the country need to quickly follow suit and not solely rely on the government to take charge of this all-important issue."


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