Nigerian politician Jimi Agbaje Launches Web 2.0 Campaign Site

Nigerian politician Jimi Agbaje has commissioned the first Web 2.0 social networking political site in Africa,, for his political campaign.

[ClickPress, Wed Feb 28 2007] Inspired by the recent Web 2.0 campaign web sites launched by United States Presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Barack Obama, the site allows his supporters to create profiles, network, and create their own campaigns on-line.

Jimi Agbaje, a new generation Nigerian politician who is campaigning to become the Nigeriaís Lagos State Governor, commissioned the website as both as a political campaign tool, and to be a showcase of the local talent.

The site was built in Nigeria by a local web design house, Tridas Net Ltd, in just seven days using freely available Open Source software.

"Building the site was a breeze" said Ade Atobatele, CEO of Tridas Net Ltd, the parent company of Ofege, the web design team that built the site.

"Building it in Lagos, Nigeria, just confirmed what we have always been saying. Nigerianís are talented and we need to get that positive message out there."

"Mr Agbaje gave us a free hand. We just did what we do best, using the best software out there like anybody else would. In this case we used the newly released Open Source Drupal 5.1".

It is hoped that the website will inspire Nigerianís around the world to stand up and shout out about their achievements on the Internet and in technology in general, while also acting as a counterbalance to the bad publicity Nigeria often gets relating to Internet scams.

Indeed a recent study showing that Nigerianís have the most number of Masterís degrees of any immigrant grouping in the United States, but their penetration into the upper echelons of corporations is not mirrored by these facts.

You can visit the site at

About Ofege and Tridas Net Ltd.

Tridas Net Ltd is an Internet Consultancy based in Lagos, Nigeria. It specialises in creating business solutions using Internet based technologies. Clients of its internal web design arm, Ofege, include Guaranty Trust Bank ( whose website has won several awards in the last six years, and (, Nigeriaís most visited portal site.

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