Kineo shares tips on subject matter experts and rapid e-learning

If you’re creating e-learning, you’ll typically need to work with a subject matter expert. In rapid e-learning, the biggest growth area of the e-learning market, the role of the SME can be more critical than ever. So why do so many SMEs end up regretting they got involved in e-learning? Kineo provides some top tips this month on how to make the relationship work.

[ClickPress, Thu Mar 01 2007] Kineo, the leading rapid e-learning company, has led the field in providing support and guidance to internal teams to ensure they’re optimised for rapid e-learning. Working with subject matter experts (SMEs) is a prime example of a step that may have several speedbumps, preventing truly rapid development.

Says Stephen Walsh, Kineo partner: “Too often the SME starts enthusiastic about e-learning, and then gets worn down. It doesn't have to be this way. We've worked with many SMEs down through the years and have a clear view on the best ways to work with them. As rapid e-learning booms, and more organisations adopt a ‘do it yourself’ approach to e-learning development, it’s more important than ever to support the SME – as they may now be an e-learning developer.”

Kineo’s website shares five key tips to working better with a subject matter expert this month including:

1. Find the right partner: Not all rapid e-learning projects have the same subject matter expert requirement. The key project factors that will steer you towards the most appropriate SME are time, subject matter, profile, and technical abilities

2. Be clear about time commitments: The SME’s most common complaint about participation in e-learning projects is that it takes far longer than they were told it would. To avoid this, be clear about time required upfront.
3. Let them know where the relationship is going: Bear in mind that your SME may have no idea what you mean by e-learning – or have a different idea of e-learning to yours. If you’re not on the same page in terms of type of learner experience and learning model, you will encounter problems and disagreements in the detailed content development and review.

Walsh commented: “Of course, many people actually never get the time from a SME, and have to find alternative routes to developing content. For them, the options can be time consuming – look up the material or become an expert in unfamiliar territory. Kineo’s E-learning Flatpacks offer a shortcut. These are ‘do-it-yourself’ kits for e-learning. Each contains a professionally written e-learning script, design, graphics – everything you need to build a customized piece of e-learning without the SME’s input. They’re available now on equality and diversity, and fire safety awareness, with ten more to follow in the coming weeks.”

Kineo has also created a series of Rapid Guides, including a longer guide on how to Manage SMEs. Together, these Guides provide an end-to-end methodology for rapid e-learning development, enabling you to accelerate development in the design, development and launch phases of your e-learning.

Kineo’s Rapid Guides and E-learning Flatpacks are available at the Rapid E-learning Store:

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