New Yorkshire based company, FruitLift, are addressing the nation's declining health and fitness levels head on by their pioneering scheme of delivering fresh fruit to the workplace.

[ClickPress, Sun Mar 11 2007] With the 2012 Olympics just around the corner, the health of British citizens is a topic never far from the lips of Prime Minister, Tony Blair. He has stressed the importance of a healthy diet in the drive to improve the fitness and vitality of the people of Britain. Picking up on this notion is a Leeds based company called FruitLift who have taken the first steps in improving the eating habits of the nation’s workforce.

The forward thinking company of FruitLift have a primary goal of promoting health in the workplace, an aim which they achieve with the delivery of fresh fruit to offices in and around the Yorkshire region. Fruit is a key component of a healthy lifestyle and FruitLift use strictly the freshest produce to ensure that the beneficial elements of the fruit they deliver is maximised. Managing Director of FruitLift, Tom Platt, explains his company’s principles with regard to what they hope to achieve, “we have seen a massive rise in obesity levels and poor health in the UK in recent years and a vast proportion of blame for this can be attributed to people’s eating habits, especially in the workplace. FruitLift offer fresh, affordable fruit boxes delivered directly to the workplace and the reaction of employees to this simple gesture from their employer has been astronomical to say the least! We have cut out the hassle by delivering fruit straight to the employees hands and FruitLift firmly believe that if we manage to take the packet of crisps from an employees hand and replace it with healthy fruit, the nation’s health will improve exponentially”.

FruitLift have seen a massive reaction to their endeavours in and around the Yorkshire region and a number of high profile companies have got on board with their fruit deliveries. Marketing Director for FruitLift, David Charlton explains what he sees as being key to the overwhelmingly positive response to their fruit to the workplace delivery scheme, “our ideals are exceptionally simple, in that we see that progressive companies nowadays positively seek out ways to entice employees to their workplace and a company which promotes a healthy work environment is a much more attractive proposition for an employee and, if you’ll excuse the pun, the employer finds that the intake of these healthy foods in the workplace has made their employees much more fruitful!”

The country’s health is a pressing and abundantly clear problem but with overtly ambitious and, some may say, altruistic companies like FruitLift trying to address the nation’s health concerns head on with their pioneering fruit delivery service, it can only be a matter of time before the benefits on the health and fitness across the UK bares fruit. “We are focusing on our position of delivering fruit to the workforce of Yorkshire at present but once we’ve sorted their health out we’ll set our targets on the rest of the UK”, explains Platt of FruitLift’s grand and admirable plans.




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