On-line prototype viewing saves time and money for automated vibratory feeder and bowl feeder develo

On-line viewing of custom feeder prototypes saves time and money for vibratory feeder and bowl feeder industry clients. Industrial clients seeking up-to-date progress of custom-built automated feeders can view progress and demonstrations on-line via secure ftp technology from Feeding Concepts, Inc.

[ClickPress, Tue May 15 2007] Developing a customized vibratory feeder solution or bowl feeder element for industrial automation is often a time-consuming, sometimes cost-prohibitive process. But one Indianapolis-based manufacture is using the web to offset at least some of those development costs. Feeding Concepts, Inc. gives feeder and bowl developers the option of viewing the progress of prototypes via on-line access rather than in-person meetings, saving valuable travel time and expenses when every day counts in the development process.

“It’s all about connecting key decision makers to the vibratory and bowl feeder development process at their convenience, not ours, “said John Grahm II, Owner and President of Feeding Concepts, Inc. “Using secure web technology to review prototypes and schematics reduces the time and investment necessary to move from one key development milestone to another.”

When it comes to developing automated feeder technologies for industrial applications, Feeding Concepts promises a level of flexibility and service that is unmatched in the industry.

Graham added, “Just as every vibratory feeder differs from the next, so too does every customer. We promise to utilize our interpersonal communications method when we approach all of our customers’ needs, and we’ll demonstrate our absolute willingness to mold to specific specifications. This includes communicating our progress to our customers in better, more efficient ways.”

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