Hobby Hydroponics On The Rise

As people become increasingly interested in where their food comes from, growing food hydroponically at home is now a booming industry which is turning into a mainstream hobby, says the UK’s leading hydroponics supplier, Great Stuff Hydroponics.

[ClickPress, Fri Jul 27 2007] Eating healthily has become something of a buzz word over recent years, and it is now impossible to escape the aisles of organic and healthy ranges in supermarkets up and down the country. Indeed, allotment gardening has become more popular as the population begins to take more notice of where and how its food is grown. Great Stuff Hydroponics says that hydroponic growing is now the next step for retailers and consumers.

Growing food hydroponically means growing plants indoors, or in a greenhouse, using only water in a controlled environment. The amount of water, nutrients and light available to the plant can be precisely monitored. The plant roots are exposed directly to the water so there is no soil involved in hydroponic growth, and this cuts down the number of soil borne diseases and pests which may affect the plants considerably. Also, no fertilizer or pesticide is necessary when growing plants hydroponically. Yields are also much higher than traditionally grown crops as plants do not have to concentrate their energy on developing large root systems in order to gain nutrients.

Steve Parker, director of Great Stuff Hydroponics says, “There are already isolated cases of hydroponic farms dotted around the UK, and these are still something of a novelty. Hydroponically grown strawberries are a particular favourite! However, we have noticed a rise in the number of people enquiring about growing hydroponically at home.”

There are environmental benefits of growing plants using the hydroponic method too. Traditional (soil grown) crops on land use enormous amounts of water, much of which evaporates off, or carries chemicals and pesticides into the water table. Hydroponic growth uses much less water (around one twentieth) to hydrate the same number of plants, and there is no agricultural or chemical run off.

The main attraction of growing plants hydroponically at home for the majority of people, however, is peace of mind; they can be absolutely sure of where their food has come from. Not only that, but as hydroponic growth takes place indoors, under specialised lights and using a specific nutrient solution, the range of plants which people can grow this way at home is endless. Regardless of the outdoor climate, season, or soil quality, all your fresh fruit and vegetables can be grown at home hydroponically throughout the year.

Steven added, “Hydroponics kits are now beginning to be seen in garden centres and I am certain that it will not be long before hydroponically grown food is going to be seen in our supermarkets too.”

The most popular beginners hydroponics kit is the AutoPot Easy2Grow Kit. It is the only kit in the world which will water and feed plants without the need for pumps or electricity, making it extremely cost effective, and is available from Great Stuff Hydroponics’ website http://www.hydroponics-hydroponics.com

Great Stuff Hydroponics’ can also supply more advanced kits and other hydroponic equipment online. For more information, visit http://www.hydroponics-hydroponics.com

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