Charlemagne Needs Your Vote in the ABC's Children's Picture Book Competition

New Jersey author/illustrator Diana W. Patton's book CHARLEMAGNE TO THE RESCUE is a finalist in ABC's Children's Picture Book Competition.

[ClickPress, Wed Sep 12 2007] CHARLEMAGNE TO THE RESCUE is one of 12 finalists in the 3rd ABC's Children's Picture Book Competition. In this competition the finalist books are picked by judges but the winning book is selected by an on-line vote of readers, both adults and children. During the voting period, from Sept. 16 to Sept 30, 2007, the text of the finalist books is made available on the ABC's Competition web site . Voters may read the stories and then vote for their favorite. The book with the most votes will be formally published and that is why Charlemagne needs your vote.

CHARLEMAGNE TO THE RESCUE was written and illustrated by Bridgewater, NJ author/illustrator Diana W. Patton. When asked why she wrote the book she said: Charlemagne was written because of my love for children and fishes. It is my hope that children will identify with Charlemagne and they will realize that in caring for others and acting for others' good, one is not only 'brave' but one can gain in self-esteem. Charlemagne forgets himself and his fears in helping his friends and by so doing, helps himself as well."

"Charlemagne also realizes that just because there is change, just because there is something new, it is not bad. New can be as good as the old, or even better. Children might identify with this situation whether it has to do with a new home, a new school, or even a new sibling or parent."

To learn more about Charlemagne (the fish), and play fishy games, go to Charlemagne's web site . Further information about Ms. Patton, her multiple aquariums, her painting, and her travel adventures, may be found at . To get a reminder to vote, you can send your email address to .


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