DaoPay launches free SMS micropayment in 15 countries

DaoPay today announced that it launches free SMS micropayments in 15 countries on November 1st as an addition to the worldwide available voice based micropayment service which is in operation since 2002.

[ClickPress, Wed Oct 24 2007] DaoPay, one of worlds leading micropayment providers, announced today that as a result of a very successful test with a limited number of countries it will launch SMS micropayment in 15 countries by November 1st.

The service will be provided to customers without fixed fees. That is a truly unique thing. SMS numbers, called shortcodes, normally cost a fortune. Now without paying for shortcodes SMS billing will be a stable source of income for website operators.

Since 2002 DaoPay provides websites with the possibility to bill worldwide by telephone calls - based on a patent which was granted this year - on a very successful scale.

Peter Krapfl, CEO of DaoTec: "It was a logical step to to provide SMS billing. The demand from our customers was enormous. We did not want to start SMS micropayment just in a few countries, we wanted to offer a global solution. 15 countries is just the beginning, watch out the next months!".

DaoPay is a product of DaoTec Ltd, a UK based telecommunications company specialized in international voice and SMS coverage.

Company: DaoPay

Contact Name: Oliver Jura

Contact Email: oliver.jura@daotec.com

Contact Phone: +44 207 037 7777

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