UK lifestyle site for the over 50s, Wanobe.com, was spotlighted as the ‘website of the day’ Wednesday 25 October 2007

[ClickPress, Wed Oct 24 2007] UK lifestyle site for the over 50s, Wanobe.com, was spotlighted as the ‘website of the day’ Wednesday by the UK’s premier gadget news and reviews site, Pocket-lint.co.uk.

Noting the first of the Baby Boomers got to collect their pensions this week, Pocket-lint.co.uk quoted wanobe.com as advising them to ‘be spending it with wild abandon’.

Entitled “Step aside - the silver surfers are here!”, the review was written by Ian Hughes. Pocket-lint.co.uk had this to say of Wanobe.com: “It's a social networking site (yes, another one...) but this time aimed at the over-50s with money to burn and that joie de vivre that kept the world going through the Cold War, the swinging 60s, the Cuban Missile Crisis, eleven US presidents (including that assassination), the Vietnam War, Thatcher's Britain, the birth of globalisation, two Gulf Wars, the Spice Girls and everything else that the past 60 years has thrown at them. No wonder they've got stuff to talk about...”

To read the review, please go to: http://www.pocket-lint.co.uk/news/news.phtml/10816/11840/social-networking-for-baby-boomers.phtml

Wanobe.com is a lifestyle site, social community and resource for people in the prime of their life. Launched in September 2007, wanobe.com reflects the passion of the over fifties to live life out loud and put their money and energy where their dreams are.

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