Why People Decide To Go Missing

Around 600 people will have got up this morning, decided to walk out the front door and simply disappear, and in doing so they will join the 210,000 people reported missing in the UK every year. While many of those people who go missing later return, or eventually get in touch with family, there are thousands that do not. Some families never abandon hope of ever seeing their loved ones again.

[ClickPress, Wed Jan 16 2008] Recent media attention has turned to a particular case of the missing canoeist, who after over 5 years of being missing and presumed dead, walked into a police station declaring himself a missing person. Although current speculation is pointing to be an elaborate solution to financial problems, this only highlights some of the problems why people decide to disappear in the first place. The collapsing economy in 1992 led to a wave of disappearances, followed by another in 1994 during a downturn in the computer industry.

The UK’s leading private investigation consultants, Investigator Limited, featured on Sky News to give an expert opinion into the profile of missing persons and the case of the “missing canoeist”. Investigator Limited’s managing director, Barry Schofield says: “Today’s modern technology makes it relatively easy for anyone wishing to disappear, but equally it is often the same technology that ultimately leads to the location of a missing person. As with this recent high profile case, there is always someone who has had contact with a missing person, whether it is a local newsagent or anyone that sees a nameless, but familiar face going about their daily routine”. But Barry adds: “It is important to remember that when a person decides to simply walk away from life’s problems and start a new life, often do so as an act of desperation. But it can be an never ending anguish for close family and friends, who’s lives can be put on hold, longing for a phone call or letter confirming their loved ones well being”.

Enlisting the help of a private investigator can be a difficult decision to make, but Investigator Limited’s have specially trained operatives working in locating missing persons, civil and criminal investigations, matrimonial investigations and insurance fraud.

People decide to disappear for many reasons, but the largest percentage tends to fall under two categories, family problems or financial problems. The “missing canoeist” case maybe in the minority with how elaborate people can be in disappearing and assuming a new identity.

But in cases where a person has vanished and defrauded an insurance company or other creditors, this can have a knock on effect for other consumers. As increasing competition in the insurance industry continues at a breath taking pace, it is now a critical success factor for insurance companies to minimise more than ever their exposure to fraudulent claims.
The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has estimated that the total amount of fraud suffered by insurers on general personal lines business alone is over £1 billion per annum. In the current ‘frequent claim’ environment, Insurance Companies are increasingly vulnerable to sophisticated and diverse fraudulent activity.

Investigator Ltd has several years specialising in and successfully developed ‘Anti Fraud Initiatives’, and continue to be a leading Anti Fraud Investigation company that can introduce techniques to your organisation that minimise and where possible, eradicate all types of Insurance fraud.

Investigator Ltd can provide help and advice on missing person cases as well as a sound knowledge of investigative skills specific to this growing problem.
As Britain’s leading professional investigation company, Investigator Limited subscribes to the following professional codes and regulatory bodies. I.F.I.G (Insurance Fraud Investigators Group) WAPI (World Association of Professional Investigators), IAATI International Institute of Auto Theft Investigators, and EPIC (Ex-Police in Industry and Commerce). Investigator Limited is also UKAS ISO 9001 certified and is registered under the Data Protection Act, and has full Professional Indemnity cover.

Investigator Limited deals with corporate and individual cases nationally and internationally. Log on to www.privateinvestigator.co.uk for more information or Tel 0207 903 5047.

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