Worst scandal in American history re Obama

Torture by CIA-NSA by Obama administration

[ClickPress, Sun Nov 25 2012] The Worst Scandal in American History?

Comment as Written By John M. Nagel

"The Obama administration, as well as the CIA/NSA are involved in what is perhaps the worst scandal in American history, upon threatening an innocent American businessman in Mexico after he was approached by a Mafia-affiliated banker who mentioned ties with the Obama administration on approximately September 22.

"The businessman, John M. Nagel, a former reporter for the Bureau of National Affairs who has been photographed with, among others, former Mexican president Zedillo and OECD president Jose Angel Gurria, and Walter Kronkite. He is known as an honest businessman who runs the Conexion Ejecutiva.com website and the Mexidiom.com translation agency.
Torture by the CIA/NSA

"However, upon being approached by the Mafia-affiliated banker and visually identifying him, and then seaching for his image among Obama fundraisers, he began immediately to be threatened by the CIA/NSA. He was threatened with murder by a CIA agent in the Mexico City airport, and was threatened with kidnapping off the steps of the United States Embassy in Mexico City due to his knowledge of damaging knowledge about the Obama administration.

"Since then, he and his family, Nancy Sanchez and Anik Nagel Sanchez, an 11-year old American citizen, have been repeatedly threatened with abduction, murder and turture by representatives of the CIA/NSA.
This activity has not only included threats made in the physical presence of John Nagel, but have also involved the use of top secret technologies such as HAARP and Echelon, as well as other technologies for mind control (weapons of mass distruction) which are not yet publically known, but which everyone suspects that NSA supercomputers and other top-secret technology are capable of producing.
Millions of Mexicans in the Cuauhtémoc-Reforma-Colonia Juarez and Condesa areas have been discussing this situation, which has involved, due to the use of mind control, the distribution of obscene images of John Nagel being sexually violated by President Obama.

Fighting for His Life
"John Nagel has since fled to Costa Rica and is posting this news in an effort to fight for his life. He continues to be activity threatened by the CIA/NSA with the administration of mind altering drugs, murder, torture and abduction, and the placement of drugs in his home at Tokio 7G, Col. Juarez, in Mexico city.

"John Nagel has tried to negotiate in good faith with the CIA/NSA in order to resolve this situation, only to be repeatedly deceived and continuously tortured.

"I beseech other reporters and citizens to investigate this illegal activity and the activity of HAARP/Echelon and the mind control possibilities which are being actively used against me, as well as to actively query the Obama administration about this illegal operation against John Nagel, an innocent civilian.

"This is a human rights issue and critical for upholding American values of decency, democracy and non-torture of human beings using mind control techniques.

"The nature of this scandal surpasses Watergate, the Pentagon Papers, Iran gate and every other scandal in American history, due to the fact that it involves an innocent American civilian who has engaged in no illegal activity but has been actively tortured and threatened by the Obama administration.
As a curious aside, John Nagel’s mother worked for Gifuni Bros., the “capo” of the United States with known mafia ties, and he went to school with John Zacaro Jr., son of Geraldine Ferraro, at the Browning School in New York City. Ferraro’s husband shady business dealings were a key element in the Dukakis campaign. He was also a classmate of John Zuccatti Jr., scion of the famed “Zuccatti Park” where the anti-wall street protests were made.

"I have been repeatedly told by the CIA/NSA that the posting of this news will result in my likely death or administration of mind-altering drugs.

"Therefore, this may be my last day on the planet, but for the record and for the sake of American democracy and American values, I feel the need to make this news public.

"I have been told that President Obama and others have placed “hits” on me in order to silence me, therefore it is imperative that this news be posted immediately."


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