Companies Scramble to Find Energy Efficiency to Save Jobs and Maintain Profits

The rising costs of energy have company chief financial officers scrambling for solutions to reduce the impact on profits, without increasing prices to consumers or cutting jobs.

[ClickPress, Wed Dec 07 2005] The United States Department of Energy is projecting a sustained increase of 30 percent in the cost of electricity, and warns that natural gas prices will remain at historic levels for the forseeable future.

This trend can be reversed through energy demand management, eliminating waste, and enhancing energy efficiency. It requires coordinated changes which the commercial and industrial energy consumer can implement within their current operating budget, according to Mike Logan from Corporate Alliance, an affiliate of NBI, the National Business Initiative to control energy costs.

Corporate Alliance specializes in operational cost containment and energy demand management.

"Most commercial and industrial users waste anywhere from 15 percent to as much as 45 percent on energy. It is a solvable problem, and it is solvable within the current operating budget. The audit not only shows where the waste is taking place, it also provides specific solution recommendations. Savings are immediate," said Logan

The two most recent NBI affiliates are from Texas, Vantage Power Services and StarTex Power. Both Retail Electric Providers are offering all qualifying Texas commercial and industrial energy consumers a free analysis to determine ways to make an immediate reduction in energy costs. The service is provided at no charge through NBI by Corporate Alliance, and is available upon request.

"You do not need to be a customer of Vantage or StarTex to request the free audit. They care enough about helping Texas companies to support NBI on behalf of the energy consumer, providing the energy audit and accompanying engineering analysis through Corporate Alliance at no charge" explained Logan.

“Core operating cost center control opportunities that are overlooked or under-assessed by many businesses include water conservation, energy tax exemption, utility billing errors, insurance expenses, marketing analysis, waste analysis, and personnel cost control. Corporate Alliance has assembled a team of experts to investigate each of these arenas as clients address and establish energy conservation policies,” explained Logan.

He said the typical energy survey and waste analysis identifies proven solutions which can save a company 15 to 45 percent of energy costs, and accomplish that within the existing energy budget. These potential efficiencies improve profitability, save jobs, and improve the environment,.

"How would it benefit a business to go from 65 percent energy efficiency to 95 percent efficiency? It would save jobs," said Logan. “It would also keep a company in the black, and even help gain market share over a less energy efficient competitor,” said Logan.

Commercial and industrial energy users with $10,000 or more in combined energy bills per month can request the free energy analysis by sending a fax request on company letterhead to the NBI affiliates listed below.

Vantage Power Services
Fax (713) 973-9453

StarTex Power
Fax (713) 357-2890

Corporate Alliance, L.P.
Fax (281) 248-4486

"In these days of rapidly escalating energy commodity prices and increasing foreign oil dependency, energy efficiency is not only a business imperative, it also enhances our national security," said Brig. Gen. U.S. Army (ret) Thomas White, former secretary of the Army, and a current Corporate Alliance director nominee.

"Our primary product is core cost containment. Our purpose is to implement proven energy efficiency solutions, which reduce fixed operating expenses by 15 to 45 percent," said White.

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