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Business: Using CCTV To Count Visitors to Supermarkets, Banks, Libraries, Bars, Sporting Venues, etc

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Using CCTV To Count Visitors to Supermarkets, Banks, Libraries, Bars, Sporting Venues, etc

Biodata Ltd are pleased to announce their new Video Turnstile people counting system ( Designed for large-scale installations monitoring hundreds of doorways, the system is over 95% accurate. Plus, many more options can now be quickly implemented using new software.

[ClickPress, Tue Dec 13 2005] The Video Turnstile system comprises CCTV cameras linked to units which detect, count and record people passing underneath. The new software supplied with the system runs under Windows on the controlling PC. It lets users easily change settings that previously were not available, or that had to be set with switches on each of the counting units. Now managers can change settings without leaving their desks.

Many of the new software options are useful for an international market. For example, users can specify the size of people to be counted and the minimum gap between two people entering together. This is useful in cultures where people tend to walk very close together and to be relatively small: preventing two people being counted as one. Different countries have different video formats. The new software lets users choose the format in use in their country: PAL or NTSC for example.

Users can also use the software to precisely position the area people have to cross to be counted. The system can be set to count people going straight ahead or turning sharply left or right. It can also be configured for accurate crowd counting.

The new counting system can be easily installed on an existing Ethernet network. Alternatively counting units can be linked back to the PC over Wi-Fi wireless networks, RS485, RS232 or via a modem. Counts can be displayed in meters or saved by software in text files. These files can be opened in almost any Windows spreadsheet, database or other analysis software.

Biodata have been designing data collection systems for over 30 years. They provide free technical support for life. All their people counting units are designed and manufactured on their premises in the UK and can be customised to the client's specifications. With installations in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Australia, South and North America, Biodata's people counting systems are now in use in bars, galleries, libraries, banks, sporting venues, museums, stores, etc in over 20 countries around the world. Systems start at 545. For more details see or contact Biodata at the address below.

Graham Collins
Biodata Ltd
10 Stocks Street
Manchester M8 8QG
Tel: 44 (0)161-834 6688
Fax: 44 (0)161-833 2190

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Company: Biodata Ltd
Contact Name: Graham Collins
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 0161-834 6688
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