Bamba Experience works with public transportation companies, making it possible for them to offer daily departures for any of their routes.

[ClickPress, Tue Apr 15 2014] Bamba Experience is a Tour Operator which offers special travel experiences. Why special? Because it offers the backpacker a unique way of travelling all around the world. With its “Hop-on hop-off” passes, you can travel from one place to another in a very flexible way, deciding to stay for as long as you want in one particular place while still being able to move on to your next destination whenever you would like. Bamba Experience works with public transportation companies, making it possible for them to offer daily departures for any of their routes. Accommodation is not included in these passes, which gives travelers the opportunity to choose the option that suits them the most (from couchsurfing to luxury options). Forget those “all included” packages and travel your own way with Bamba Experience.

Apart from the “Hop-on Hop-off” passes, Bamba also offers adventurous trips for travelers who want to see the true heart of a place. These trips can be independent trips, in small groups, day trips or trekking ones. You will get to discover cultural sites, historical cities, and amazing landscapes and get your adrenaline pumping with adventure-based activities. Each destination is full of secret places that deserve to be seen and Bamba focuses taking travelers to these places.

Who hasn’t dreamt of going on an adventure deep in the jungle? Bamba provides travelers with a large choice of Amazon Jungle Tours in different countries. For example, one jungle adventure in Peru gives travelers the opportunity to go on expeditions by foot or by canoe, to try a Canopy walk over the jungle, to visit a local farm and see dozens of fauna and flora species. This is without any doubt a real adventure within a wild environment.

For those adventure seekers who like discovering natural treasures, they won’t be disappointed by the trips offered by Bamba to explore the Galapagos Islands. You will be able to discover this beautiful archipelago of volcanic islands through diverse fun activities, such as snorkeling among marine iguanas, sea lions, and reef fish, exploring great lava formations and active volcanoes, walking among giant tortoises in their natural habitat, kayaking and biking through beautiful landscapes. Bamba Experience offers you Galapagos Trips of different durations so that you can choose the one which suits you the best.

Going on real adventures, traveling through breathtaking landscapes, taking part in eco-friendly activities, and living delightful experiences, this is all possible with Bamba Experience! The Amazon Jungle Tours and Galapagos Trips are just a few examples of all the trips that you can choose from. Bamba operates in all the continents so you can surely find the right match for your needs. Just visit their website to find out more about their trips at!

Those interested may call the Bamba Experience through numbers +1 347-342-0059 for USA clients, +21 4042-4440 in Brazil, +52 (55) 5584-4401/02 or 01800-4622622 (Only Mexico) and +51-17085303 in Peru. They can also visit the company website at for more information regarding its packages.

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