We Survived: 2400 Feet from Hiroshima A-bomb Hypocenter

Japanese-American Family lives to tell their survival story.

[ClickPress, Mon Jun 29 2015] Less than one-half mile from the hypocenter of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, within the area of total destruction, Shizue Nekomoto, 3 year old daughter Yorie, infant son Toshio, and unborn son Toshiharu, miraculously survived the concussion force of nuclear winds and the ensuing firestorm of “Little Boy”, the first nuclear bomb used in warfare.

Toshiharu, age 69, and Yorie, age 72, now share their family’s story with a vision of a peaceful world saturated with understanding and compassion. Their book is Passport to Hiroshima, The Unthinkable, Inspiring Journey of a Japanese-American Family.

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