2006 the PR year of blogs and podcasts predicts David Davis

2006 Predictions for public relations published today on www.askdd.com

[ClickPress, Wed Dec 28 2005] In his 2006 Predictions published on www.askdd.com David Davis, the industry’s “agony uncle” says:

1. Blogging and podcasting will become the norm rather than the exception in the 21st century PR tool kit;

2. PR and press cuttings agencies will clash with the Newspaper Licensing Agency over its plans to introduce online products;

3. The power of political ‘spin doctors’ will continue to wane in the wake of increased media and public demands for meaningful information;

4. PR practitioners will be wary about using online media because clients are not convinced of its value and still want to traditional press cuttings;

5. CSR, with a specific focus on the environment, will gain greater importance as a communications’ issue;

6. Companies will invest more to improve intranets as effective internal communications tools but will find employee still resisting to use them;

7. PR budgets will increase by up to 10% with consumer and technology being the sectors to gain most;

8. PR in Turkey, China and central European countries will continue to grow even faster.

9. Investor relations will be active with a surge of merger & acquisitions hitting stock markets on both sides of the Atlantic;

10. Media evaluation companies will try but continue to fail to persuade clients to invest in benchmarking research at the outset of PR campaigns.


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