Woman in Business Helps Designers and Artists Develop and Market New Home Decor Products

Lisa Stock helps artisans and designers find satisfaction and accomplishment. Helping others grow brings Stock her satisfaction as she guides her workers through the process of creating new home decor products and bringing them successfully to market.

[ClickPress, Mon Apr 04 2005] COLUMBUS, Ohio – The dream of creating a product in high demand and finding business success may be a little closer for a group of independent designers who have teamed up with Lisa Stock of www.RealmDekor.com.

Success only comes to book authors who get their first book published. In the same way designers of home decor must find a way to get their products manufactured and then marketed to the public.

Stock has made that task a little easier for a group of extremely talented artisans who have been hard at work creating products that are now being marketed by Stock’s company, www.RealmDekor.com.

Consumers are the biggest beneficiaries of Stock’s efforts. Her company offers beautiful, unique, high quality products that cannot be found anywhere else – at a very affordable price.

So called “modern design” typically comes with a steep price tag, but Stock and her team sell only on the web and keep business costs very low. Consumers win with high quality and low prices.

“We use recycled boxes and packing materials for shipping. We also ship our pillows without stuffing to save you shipping costs; thus allowing you to recycle the filler from an old pillow, saving you money again. Lastly, we use original designs that do not require royalties to a third party. This allows us to pass even more savings on to you: our valued customers,” Stock explained.

Inspiration for new products to feature come from all over the world. Stock said that her team goes to work on a new concept and can often have a product ready to market within just a few weeks.

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Lisa Stock

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