Arsenal of Arrows

Winslow E. Dixon began writing when tragedy struck her young life. Her health failed and she was diagnosed with a debilitating, painful and life threatening disorder: Addison's disease. In an ironic twist of fate, her former career in geriatrics prepared her to live the life of an elderly person. Although she could no longer care for her beloved elderly, she decided to create a new purpose. Writing became her outlet to the world. Her desire is to inspire others with her work and encourage others. She now lives with her new purpose; "When you've gone through hell, leave sparks of fire wherever you go."

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CreateSpace Publishing and Winslow E. Dixon announce the release of the publication Arsenal of Arrows:
30 Day Devotional Challenge Journal.

A 30 day journey to spiritual healing from upcoming author, Winslow E. Dixon.
Fort Myers, Florida– CreateSpace Publishing and Winslow E. Dixon announce the insightful, motivational work from upcoming author, Winslow E. Dixon. Arsenal of Arrows is now available in select bookstores and the following websites: and

“It takes more character to wash someone’s feet than it does to kiss the ground they walk on.”
Arsenal of Arrows is a devotional challenge journal written from the prospective of a young woman who had lost everything possible when a life threatening disease devastated her life. This devotional challenge journal is sure to motivate audiences with the message that there is hope in the Lord and light in the darkness.

Winslow E. Dixon’s 30 day devotional challenge journal will not only comfort and guide readers through Biblical passages of hope, but will also inspire audiences to become better human beings.
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